Monday, June 27, 2016

Syndalia Designer Nappy Bags

Designer Nappy Bags for Mums by Syndalia 

Whether you're stepping out to do the weeklyshopping , or you want to look glamorous at yournext party, Syndalia nappy bags are designed tocomplement your gorgeous wardrobe while offering unparalleled practicality

A different review from me today,
But a very very useful review for all mummys.

You might wonder why I would be reviewing a Nappy bag but I do have an interest for all things and one day I will be planning to have my own little family. 
So when I was contacted by the Sylvia about a designed nappy bag I thought it would be a great idea to review. I am surrounded by so many gorgeous mums and after checking these bags out I really wanted to get the brand out their. 

The number one thing you have to have and can't forget when you have a little one- is the nappy bag. 
For obvious reasons- you need to have these bag when leaving the house with your bubs. 
Baby needs to eat and when baby eats you'll most likely need a couple changes of clothes and of course.... Nappies! 
But the last thing a mum wants is too be lugging around a dorky looking nappy bag. 
An so not practical to have a dorky nappy bag and then have to bring your own personal hand bag too...... 
Thats the point of these gorgeous designer nappy bags, practical by stylish. 
I don't even have a little bubs yet and I use this hand bag!!!!

That is saying something... 

"As functional as they are fashionable"

Their were a few other things that were very appealing about this nappy bag. 
I love that its Australian Designed and owned. 
A lot of the brands that people tend to trust and often buy are the big international brands that have been created overseas. But the only reason we wear and buy these brands is because everyone else does. An some famous person thats in the social spot light wears and buys it. 
I truly believe that we need to some research on products before we buy. Not just buy something because its popular. I love supporting Aussie brands because that means I am supporting an aussie business owner and helping people keep their jobs within Australia. It sounds so simple because it is- support the hard workers and buy quality! 

The next very appealing things about this nappy hand bag- is every single bag purchase comes with a starter kit. Now thats an amazing present idea! 
That little extra help with some needed products when you have a new born bubs means so much too mums. 
So much thought goes into these gorgeous bags!

Every Syndalia nappy bag comes with a special Syndalia starter kit. The kit contains all of the essential items a mum could need when on the move with the little ones. In each kit, you can find the following products from leading brands, such as Baby Organics and Ecoriginals.
  • a change mat
  • a bottle holder
  • a natural pacifier
  • nappies
  • organic baby cornstarch powder
  • organic nappy cream
  • organic nipple cream
  • nappy starter kit with natural baby wipes

I spent some time with some gorgeous mummys to share this amazing bag with them and too take some shots. All of their opinions were great and they absosloutly loved this nappy bag! All dropping hints for their next baby shower gifts haha. 

Such a wonderful brand and I had the pleasure to review this perfect bag and share it with others. I honestly do think that Syndalia are going to have an overwhelming positive response from mums and how practical and appealing this bag is.
Check out this gorgeous mumma and bubba with black Syndalia Designer Nappy bag! 



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