Monday, February 9, 2015

Mornington Peninsula Hot Springs

Mornington Peninsula Hot Springs

My much needed blissful night away

Why have I never visited this beautiful place before?- Is what I asked myself after the guided tour around the Mornington Penisula Hot Springs.
My expectations were set extremely lower then reality!

As soon as you arrive at the hot springs you get this relaxing, zen feeling.
Located in the middle of the bush, but not too far from the ocean.. You're surrounded by beautiful nature. It took my partner and I a 2 hour drive from Melton to get to the Hot Springs, but I'm telling you now it was totally worth it.
All though my next visit to the Hot Springs I am planning on staying somewhere closer, as it would make the perfect weekend away.

So we arrived at 7pm, an personally I think the Hot Springs was great at night. Watching the sunset from the Hilltop Spa was breathtaking, but we will talk about that later.
The Hot Springs has two different receptions, one for the Bathing house and another for the Spa Dreaming Centre. This makes your visit more convenient and means no lines!
One thing I noticed as soon as we arrived was the exceptional customer service from the staff.
In the matter of a few minutes I was greeted for my personal tour around the Hot Springs.....
* A robe, towel & locker can be purchased at the Hot Springs for an extra cost $
(I recommend hiring all 3)
The Hot springs has over 30 different pools and bathing experiences! My favourite had to be the "cold plunge", a freezing pool which you jump into after the Saunas. It gives you the most refreshing feeling afterwards!

I was shocked as I was touring the Hot Springs, I didn't know how massive it was. They have literally thought of everything! It doesn't matter how old you are theirs literally something for everyone. Let me explain;

- Families: There is a specific area for families to bathe, which is located right next to the cafe, toilets, lockers & not to far from reception.
There is also the most perfect picnic area. Which makes it easier to enjoy lunch with the family, and its surrounded by beautiful nature.
- Friends & Special event groups: One of my favourite areas of the Hot Springs was there new Marquee. It is so beautiful inside, and would hold a very large group. Can be booked for private bookings if your wanting to hire it out for a special event and its perfect for friends! I would personally recommend visiting the Hot Springs with friends if you've had a big weekend. Its the perfect way to relax and unwind and will recover your body.
- Couples: Hot Springs is perfect for couples, It's just so romantic! It would be the perfect way to spend an anniversary or even a birthday with your loved one. I recommend booking the Spa Dreaming Centre as its more secluded and private.

Hot Springs is literally for everyone. No one can complain about there visit as EVERYONE leaves relaxed and feeling just beautiful and calm. After leaving the Hot Springs I just felt so good, believe it or not I didn't get one bit of road rage on the drive home (shocking huh)! Hahaha, no but seriously- I felt great on the 2 hour drive home.
When we arrived back at home I still felt amazing, and my skin felt so silky and soft.
They say to not shower for a couple hours after leaving the Hot Springs, this allows the minerals to soak into your skin.
Let me tell you now, that night I had the best sleep in a very long time!

Natural Hot Springs:
Natural Hot Mineral water flows from deep underground into the many pools and private baths at this coastal oasis of relaxation. Victorias only natural hot springs has two distinct offerings: The Bath House and the Spa Dreaming Centre.
The Bath House:
The Bath House is a global bathing wonderland offering more than 20 different bathing experiences for visitors of all ages including:
- A cave pool
- Reflexology walk
- Turkish steam bath
- Sauna
- Cold Plunge pools
- Family Pools
- Massaging thermal mineral showers
- Hilltop pools
- Indoor and outdoor footpaths
Spa Dreaming Centre:
At the Spa Dreaming Centre the emphasis is on tranquil spaces, private pools for guests 16 years and over, and an array of pampering spa treatments to revitalise body, mind and spirit. Services include a full range of treatments from Kodo full-body massages to facials, mud and salts wraps, foot therapies and ancient healing stone experiences.
- 20 massage tables
- Sauna
- Zen Chi Massage machines
- Cold plunge pools
- Arabian marquee
- Shirodhara
Two cafes offer breakfast and lunch seven days a week and dinner on a Tuesday, Friday and Saturday. Private function or group bookings are available any day or night.
All seasons:
Perfect for all seasons and all weather conditions. An experience that is enjoyable and reliable every day or night of the year.
Attraction Pass:
One of seven top attractions in Mornington Peninsula Attractions Pass, which saves up to 40% on admission with bonuses at four attractions and includes discount offers at three more.

I thank all of the lovely staff for hosting me at Mornington Hot Springs, I had the most fantastic time. I will be visiting again very soon thats for sure. I recommend visiting the Hot Springs to everyone, you will NOT be disappointed. 
Book a session before Valentines day (would be the best valentines gift) xxxxxx

Springs Lane, Fingal (Rye), Victoria 3939
T: +61 5950 8777 F:+61 3 5950 8705

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