Thursday, February 26, 2015

Haystac Blogger event

I thought it would be necessary to share what I got up to last night, a view like I had has to be shared. 

I was kindly invited along with my sister to the Haystac event. The invite said;
"Meet the team over  glass of Brown Brothers sparking wine and hear about some of the exciting clients including Melbourne Racing Club, Melbourne International & Garden Show, Officeworks, and San Churro."

Thats exactly what we did! We joined all of the Haystac girls and fellow bloggers for drinks and light canapés on their amazing terrace over looking the city. 
Events like these are really a fantastic opportunity because not only do you get to meet other bloggers who think alike and share many things in common with one another, but you get to meet PRs and put a face to emails and really connect for possible further opportunities.

To be honest, I have never worked with Haystac so I wasn't really sure what to expect. But I walked away from this event with a whole new perspective on PRs. They were absolutely LOVELY and it was so easy to get stuck into a really good conversation. All of the girls I had met from Haystac were down to earth and well, honest. 

This was our beautiful view.......

A fantastic night in the end! I really enjoyed getting to know the PRs, because like I said they're so down to earth you can just speak to them like friends. 
I also enjoyed chatting about their clients. Us bloggers were lucky enough to have been given a gift each which included some goodies from their clients. 
Our envelope included; Two tickets to the Mornington Picnic (a very exciting event, must look into!), two tickets to the Melbourne International Garden Show, Free Churros for one from San Churros and a $50 gift card for Office works. 
I defiantly will be making a trip to Office works today (with maybe a sneaky visit to San Churro). 
I am now looking forward to using the tickets for the wonderful events and making a great day out of it! 

Thank you Haystac for a lovely evening. 
I had a wonderful night & look forward too working with Haystac in the future. 


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