Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Where to buy your stationery!?


Is it just me, or is stationery shopping the funnest thing ever?
Studying might not be quite as fun... but at least buying stationery FOR study is fun, right?
There's something about buying new stationery that gets me so excited and motivated to get into studying, I just love this time of year.
But the question is, where do we shop for the best stationery!?

In past year I've always shopped at Office works for my stationery. Office works always have the best of the best and none of that "no brand name" type of cheap stationery. But after many years of buying from Office works for school stationery I've realised that its nothing but a waste of money.
The other day I walked into Office Works and was just shocked at their prices, it was crazy expensive. Heres a link to their website:
(All though I must admit, Office works have awesome desks)

So this year I've decided to sort of downgrade for my stationery shopping.
But first I HAD to have a look at Typo, one of my favourite shops I like to waste money. It seemed like an obvious option to shop at Typo seemings as I get 50% off their with my Cotton On discount card. Typo had a new Lunar range out, with all galactic and space related stationery. This didn't really appeal to me all though I loved the new notebook with three internal pockets, an a universe picture on the front cover. Have a look at the link here to see what I purchased:
$12.95 full price, but I got 50% off. As well as that purchase, my partner chose a few notebooks too!
He brought the thin notebooks that have less pages then the ones with pickets and dividers.
Anyway all together we paid $20. My opinion? Not really worth it, very over priced even WITH my 50% discount, I can't imagine paying full price! Besides the price though I'm happy with my purchase :)
Then we decided to have a look in BIG W for things like pens and stuff. This was a great idea!!! I am very impressed with BIG W's prices and range.
When it comes to pens I can't cheap brands as they always run out of ink quickly or just don't feel comfortable when writing. I love pen brands such as BIC and paper mate & Big W and all of those very cheap! But then.... I had to go down the book isle didn't I!
An then I regretted shopping at Typo because the prices were solo cheap at Big W. The binder notebooks with lots of internal pockets and heaps of pages were only $5, BARGAIN.
So make sure you check out Big W, won't regret it. If I had've had a look around before buying at Typo first, I would've brought all of my stationery at Big W.
Have a look at there website:

 I wish everyone good luck studying this year and remember to stay motivated and don't give up!
Long hard work pays off and in the end you will be very proud of yourself.
Hope my stationery advice helps if you haven't already shopped around :)


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