Thursday, October 16, 2014

Homemaker drink bottle blender

Oh do I love a smoothie! 

I've been searching around for a convenient little smoothie maker before I went away on my little trip to mildura. Something that was easy too take, easy to make smoothies and easy to clean. This was perfect. 
This cup blender can be used for 
- smoothies 
- milkshakes 
- protein and gym shakes 
- juices 
The great thing about this blender is it blends in the cup and then it's ready to take on the go with your drink already made! 
As far as I'm aware the only places you can buy this blender are Kmart or online. For only... Wait for it... $15 
How great is that, and if that's not good enough you get a 12 month warranty. 
We purchased an extra two cups (so we have 3 in total) for an extra small amount of $7 
Tonight I got some bits and pieces lying around in the fridge and made a passion fruit, strawberry & pineapple smoothie.
I used a handful of ice
Two scoops of frozen passion fruit yoghurt 
5 cut up strawberries
& some pineapple juice. 
This was delicious πŸ˜πŸ‘Œ
I love being in the kitchen and creating new little meals and drinks, but of course I hate the cleaning up part. With technical blenders you often have to clean a lot of bits and pieces, but this particular cup blender is so easy to clean and pack up. All you really need to clean is your cup! 
I'm defiantly happy with this blender, it's so cheap and useful you can't really think twice about buying it. 
Plus who doesn't love a smoothie?

Homemaker cup blender- 
Price: $15 
Where: Kmart/online 
Rate: 8/10 
Recommend: yes yes yes! 


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