Sunday, October 26, 2014


When receiving a job interview for Cotton On a few months back, I thought to myself... Why have I never pictured myself working for this company. When I had a look in my wardrobe I realised that unintentionally three quarters of my wardrobe is made up of Cotton On clothing..... Their brand is becoming one of the most well known clothing brands in AU and so many other countries. An its because the clothing is so affordable and so often changing to keep up with trends.
But I am not blogging about how great Cotton On's clothing is today (even though the clothing is great). 

After working with the Cotton On group for a few months now i've truly seen how great the company its self is. Now am I not just boasting about them because this is the company I work for, but I feel the need to mention all the great things that they do. 

In the past I worked for a marketing company who would sign people up to monthly donations for something that they said was important (not mentioning names) but I knew it was majority a load of crap... An thats why people walk past those people through the shopping centre that work for charities or do the old pretend their on the phone.. Its because people don't actually trust in the company and believe in them, they don't honestly know where their money is going. An personally I believe that most of those charity programs and such are a load of crap, a big scam! 
But the Cotton On company are on of the few that run charity programs that are 100% legit. 

We sell our own products in over 1,000 Cotton On Group stores globally, and all of the proceeds go back to the Cotton On Foundation to support those most in need. It is as simple as that.We are different to most other charities; rather than cutting cheques, we roll our sleeves up and get our hands dirty to help out our mates. We lean on the Cotton On Group resources to help deliver projects at the lowest operating cost, while ensuring that all needs are met within a realistic timeframe … and we have fun doing it.Our projects are based on four pillars; health, education, sustainability and infrastructure. These pillars were derived from the United Nations Millennium Development Goals and form the basis of every project undertaken by the Cotton On Foundation.In line with the Millennium Development Goals and our mission to develop 20,000 educational places in Southern Uganda by 2020, we are helping to reduce poverty and improve the lives of those in need. We truly are in partnership with our customers, and we’re proud of the fact that they can follow their dollar and the journey it takes, including the real impact it has on people’s lives.
I honestly recommend jumping on-
and having a read about what the company actually does. 
Its truly amazing how many Jobs Cotton On as created in Uganda, an how many kids they have helped become students. If Cotton On continue their amazing work with the help of customers Uganda may beat poverty, and hey.. wouldn't that be amazing. 

Unlike other charity companies, cotton on isn't exactly just taking your money, when you make a donation your getting a product for it in return. 
By purchasing a $2 water bottle, a bracelet/anklet and other items, all of the proceeds go to the charity in Uganda. 
Lastly if you've considered applying for a job at Cotton On I highly recommend it! Not only is the actual job role amazing fun, but the benefits are oh so great. As just an average employee no matter if its casual, part time or full time, you receive 50% full priced items!!! Now a result of a shopping addiction.... haha. 
But working at Cotton On you also have the opportunity to build up through the company and become higher roles. 

Next time you go into Cotton On, have a second think about maybe sparing that $2 change and donating to the Charity by purchasing something great!


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