Saturday, October 11, 2014

Mildura- we have arrived!

Weekend away by the river... Bliss! 

I have decided to do some holidays posts as I've just arrived in mildura. 
My expectations were kept low of the resort that I'm staying in but I was absolutly amazed at how beautiful 'Sunraysia Resort' is. 
An all though I haven't done much adventuring yet I'm pretty sure mildura will be lovely too ☺️ As soon as you drive  in your welcomed by plenty of Palm trees and I mean Palm trees everywhere. 

This is our beautiful little unit for a week! 
This is our resort spa.. How huge is it! 

I will keep the photos coming as their is plenty more amazing places around here. An I haven't even gotten to the outside pool yet.. Or the indoor one. 
Keep updated as I share my holiday and my view on Mildura & all the fun activities we will get up too! ☺️ 


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