Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Day trip to Wentworth!

Wentworth- A small town 20 minutes out of mildura, across the Murray to Nsw.
If you love history, Wentworth would be the town to visit. 
A 20 minute drive would usually bore me a lot, BUT I enjoyed this drive so much. As your driving down the main road towards Wentworth you pass about 20 different independent fruit stalls. From things like a pumpkin for $2, a bag of avocados for $3 (how Frigen cheap) & bags of all sorts of fruits for rediculously cheap prices. 
As we arrived too Wentworth we found this folk museum, with loads of history and cool old things on display. Things like world war uniforms, ancient photo frames, old school bicycles, just all sorts! 
An all though it seemed to be very appealing to the over 50's we actually loved having a look at history.  

After the museum we visited the Wentworth jail. A small entry price of $8 (they have to make an income some how). With loads of history throughout the jail, you can wonder around through the actual cell blocks. Both woman's and men. A little bit eeeerie, as they have signs around and photographs about jail having paranormal activity, and at least one proven ghost (according to this paranormal activity team). 
Wentworth jail- I would recommend to either a family with children, as they can dress up an take some cool photos or older people whom may be interested in the history sides of things.

My favourite part of the day was lunch time haha! We visited the local RSL, an oh my I was very impressed. 
We paid a small amount of $10.90 for a chicken garlic Kiev and chips and unlimited salad.... These salads were the best, I actually may have gone for 3rds but shhhhhhh... 
I am actually considering driving back to Wentworth for this awesome Rsl, defiantly rate it!


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