Monday, October 13, 2014

Spoiled ☺️

Ripcurl.. Australian made, taken worldwide. 

Ripcurls an amazing brand that was invented in the great surf beach town Torquay. It has now been taken to many different countries and became a worldwide known brand. 
Today, I will be reviewing an amazing watch that I am in love with. 
Theirs nothing more exciting then having your eyes on something and wishing you had it, then having it given as a gift to you, oh and I love gifts hehe! 
The focus watch comes in many good uses... Besides telling the time. People often wear watches for the fashion sides of things, and this watch is amazing to wear out to dress up an outfit, because it's just that pretty. But the other great thing is its a surf watch. So this watch it actually waterproof, so if you forget you've got your watch on and start doing the dishes or even hop into the shower, it's all good! That's my favourite part of this watch because I'm a very forgetful person.. I don't think I'd buy another non waterproof watch again! 

As an Aussie myself, I feel proud to be wearing an Australian brand. 
This watch can be brought from most surf shops around Australia including Ozmoasis and some jetty surfs. But this watch was actually brought on Surfstitch the website, which is very cheap mind you..
With free postage & handling and a discount code this watch was actually about $65 cheaper. 
Rrp: 249.99
(But totally worth it)
If you're interested in investing in a watch, I'd hop on Surfstitchs website, or go into a surf store and try a few on! No harm in at least making a wish list for yourself! 


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