Monday, July 10, 2017

Disney On Ice presents Frozen

Disney On Ice presents Frozen


Due to popular demand, Disney On Ice presents Frozen is returning to Hisense Arena on the 22nd and 23rd July and we are giving you the chance to WIN 4 tickets! 

Hello my Lovely followers!
I hope everyone is having a fantastic start to the week, 
but I can potentially make the start to your week even better.
I have a fantastic opportunity as I am teaming up with
Disney On Ice presents Frozen
as they are returning due to very popular demand.
That's right, the show has been extended for the
Melbourne season for the 22nd and 23rd of July.
       Enter the fantastical winter wonderland beyond imagination again when
          Disney On Ice presents Frozen returns to Hisense Arena for
 4 more shows on the 22nd and 23rd July!
NEW SHOWS!  Returning to Hisense Arena, Melbourne                      22 & 23 July     (Sat & Sun)
Sat 22 Jul 2017     10:00am
Sat 22 Jul 2017     2:00pm
Sun 23 Jul 2017    10:00am
Sun 23 Jul 2017    2:00pm


Audiences will be enchanted with the much loved Anna, Elsa and the lovable snowman Olaf as well as experience never before seen characters, including Grand Pabbie and the Trolls and the Marshmallow. Be dazzled by special effects and astonishing skating. Hosted by Mickey and Minnie, this unforgettable celebration of love and friendship will leave your family with memories to last a lifetime.
For more information visit
In celebration of a fourth show just being released on the extended weekend, I can give away 4 tickets to the Sunday 23rd July, 10am performance.

Value is $45/A Reserve ticket, so $180 for the 4 tickets.
If you would like to go in the draw to WIN, all you have to do is go on to my Instagram; share the giveaway post and tell me in 25 words or less why you would love to take your family on a fantastic day out to see Disney On Ice presents Frozen. 
Good Luck! Lucky winner will be announced on Thursday morning on my Instagram page.  




Monday, June 27, 2016

Syndalia Designer Nappy Bags

Designer Nappy Bags for Mums by Syndalia 

Whether you're stepping out to do the weeklyshopping , or you want to look glamorous at yournext party, Syndalia nappy bags are designed tocomplement your gorgeous wardrobe while offering unparalleled practicality

A different review from me today,
But a very very useful review for all mummys.

You might wonder why I would be reviewing a Nappy bag but I do have an interest for all things and one day I will be planning to have my own little family. 
So when I was contacted by the Sylvia about a designed nappy bag I thought it would be a great idea to review. I am surrounded by so many gorgeous mums and after checking these bags out I really wanted to get the brand out their. 

The number one thing you have to have and can't forget when you have a little one- is the nappy bag. 
For obvious reasons- you need to have these bag when leaving the house with your bubs. 
Baby needs to eat and when baby eats you'll most likely need a couple changes of clothes and of course.... Nappies! 
But the last thing a mum wants is too be lugging around a dorky looking nappy bag. 
An so not practical to have a dorky nappy bag and then have to bring your own personal hand bag too...... 
Thats the point of these gorgeous designer nappy bags, practical by stylish. 
I don't even have a little bubs yet and I use this hand bag!!!!

That is saying something... 

"As functional as they are fashionable"

Their were a few other things that were very appealing about this nappy bag. 
I love that its Australian Designed and owned. 
A lot of the brands that people tend to trust and often buy are the big international brands that have been created overseas. But the only reason we wear and buy these brands is because everyone else does. An some famous person thats in the social spot light wears and buys it. 
I truly believe that we need to some research on products before we buy. Not just buy something because its popular. I love supporting Aussie brands because that means I am supporting an aussie business owner and helping people keep their jobs within Australia. It sounds so simple because it is- support the hard workers and buy quality! 

The next very appealing things about this nappy hand bag- is every single bag purchase comes with a starter kit. Now thats an amazing present idea! 
That little extra help with some needed products when you have a new born bubs means so much too mums. 
So much thought goes into these gorgeous bags!

Every Syndalia nappy bag comes with a special Syndalia starter kit. The kit contains all of the essential items a mum could need when on the move with the little ones. In each kit, you can find the following products from leading brands, such as Baby Organics and Ecoriginals.
  • a change mat
  • a bottle holder
  • a natural pacifier
  • nappies
  • organic baby cornstarch powder
  • organic nappy cream
  • organic nipple cream
  • nappy starter kit with natural baby wipes

I spent some time with some gorgeous mummys to share this amazing bag with them and too take some shots. All of their opinions were great and they absosloutly loved this nappy bag! All dropping hints for their next baby shower gifts haha. 

Such a wonderful brand and I had the pleasure to review this perfect bag and share it with others. I honestly do think that Syndalia are going to have an overwhelming positive response from mums and how practical and appealing this bag is.
Check out this gorgeous mumma and bubba with black Syndalia Designer Nappy bag! 


Sunday, June 5, 2016

SimonSays Body


Small Australian brands deserve recognition. Especially in the beauty industry as there's so many products from the U.S that are well known and promoted. But its time we promote Aussie beauty products, its time we buy and use products made from hard working Australians. 
Isn't it an amazing thought that if you purchase even one product from a small Australian brand, you're helping out a family, you're helping a hard working individual. You may even be helping create jobs for more Aussies. 

As you can see I am very passionate about supporting brands that aren't main stream and supporting all types of locals. I encourage everyone too always make small changes when it comes too purchases, just too make sure you're helping out the right people. 

A lovely lady Blyth contacted me and gave me the cool opportunity to try out some products from this young brand. 

I got sent the wake up face marks and the coffee coconut body stub. 
I couldn't wait to try these amazing products.... SO it was time to get dirty in the shower with SimonSays. 
First was the Coconut and coffee body scrub. 

My first tip would have to be make sure you only get this stub on your hands in the shower. 
It is very messy as expected- that's how you know its a real good scrub. 
First you get a little wet in the shower and then grab a handful and literally stub it into your skins. I would target areas like chest, tummy and around hips, as well as legs and maybe feet. The stub helps stretch marks and cellulite- I haven't yet seen the results but I have heard from a few people that the best way to get rid of stretch marks is coffee scrubs. So there you go, a hot tip! 
After you use the scrub, leave it on the skin for about 5 minutes and then wash off. 
Oh my lord, my skin was so silky smooth after using this scrub. Its literally an amazing feeling and I loved this product so much. 
I'm not a huge fan of the coffee smell but it didn't even matter to me because the results were amazing. In saying that, its not a real yuck coffee smells its just quite strong. 

I now use the stub about 2-3 times a week. Its great when I need a little help getting my fake tan off of my legs as well. 

Second product I was sent was the wake me up face scrub/mask. Which was very similar to the body scrub but a lot thicker. I kind of explain it as like a thick grainy clay mask. It sticks to the face awesomely and really really helps exfoliate the face. 
I love using this face mask when my face is just feeling gross and I have a few pimples. 
It really helps me just scrub everything really well and feel so fresh smooth afterwards. 

Overall I really loved these products. 
Awesome brand and all though there are a few products out there like this, 
I haven't really tried a scrub as good quality as this. 
If you're looking for a scrub defiantly jump on to the SimonSays Body Facebook page, twitter or instagram. 

Awesome job, Recommend, Recommend, Recommend!!!


Saturday, May 21, 2016

LUSH *Brand Focus*

Brand Focus on my FAVOURITE company, yep I've said it... My favourite.
Theres not many products that truly fill me with happiness and turn my bad days into good- that is why Lush is my favourite and I love love everything about them.

I can 100% I support Lush and most importantly I trust them.
For anyone who doesn't know Lush or hasn't used any of their products-
you would be very impressed to know that they show buyers EVERYTHING that they use or put into products. They are so against testing products on animals and support so many differen't things including their charaty pot partners (some listed below);

- Lock the gate
- West Welcome Wagon
- Wellington Womens refugee
- Edgars mission
& many more.

 I could honestly go on and on about how amazing this company is and share with you all the great things that they do. 
But the most important thing is how great you feel after walking out of Lush store. 
First things first the staff are fantastic, informative and so helpful. 
Secondly the store is so interactive, fresh, vibrant and the smell of all the fragrances are beautiful. 

On a shopping day I'll often go into a Lush on my way out as my last door. Just so when I'm feeling tense, possibly stressed and tired- I can buy some pick me up products and really treat myself. 

I truly recommend spending some good time in a store if you haven't been before. 
Read some of the products, smell all of the amazing fragrances, try the moisturises and please oh please do not walk out that door without asking for a demonstration on one of the bath bombs. 
All stores and staff are happy to show anyone who asks,
one of the amazing bath bombs in a little tub of water. 
Thie is honestly my favourite- I pick a bath bomb I haven't tried yet and get them to show me the most amazing and vibrant colours. 

They aren't your average bath bombs- these bombs literally fill your bath with glitter and rainbows. 
The smells omg they will brighten your day and help relax and inspire you. 
The texture will moisturise your body and hydrate your skin! 
Just take a look at some of these AMAZING colours. 

Purchase the most popular intergalactic for the best LOOK, 
Purchase Blackberry for the best smell. 

Till next time, 

Monday, May 16, 2016

The Body Shop EVENT- British Rose Launch


British Rose Collection

I love receiving invites to events, especially Body Shops! 
The last event of The Body Shops I went too, was last Christmas for a blogger breakfast meet up and launch for there Christmas gifts.
It was fantastic! So when I received this invite I thought of it as a must, as The Body Shop always know how to throw an event. 

The event was on the 5th of May (I know I am a little bit delayed), and held at Chadstone shopping centre in a cute little Pop up shop. 
Now this was quite a hike for me, as I work at Werribee plaza and traffic was horrific, but I was thinking it'd defiantly be worth it. 
So I made my way to the event in a rush and met my beautiful sister there @threebeesblog 

One major thing I would have to say about this event, is that it was organised very poorly. My sister and I along with a lot of other bloggers went to the actual Body Shop- SHOP. As the invite didn't actually say specifically where it was, just said Chadstone. So we automatically thought at the shop- to be later told it was in a pop up shop the level below. 
This is no big deal, but I mean it does effect the first impression of the event. 
Secondly, once we arrived we weren't greeted by anyone, we just sort of made our way in awkwardly. We quickly realised that this pop up shop was public and anyone in the public could browse at the range and grab a photo. Again nothing wrong with that, but our expectations were just very different. 

On a better note- The pop up shop was gorgeous! Everything I'm sure the british rose range stands for and more! 
Check out the photos below too see just how amazing they organised the pop up shop. 

The pop up shop included cute quotes by influential people, that made the best Instagram photos. Rose inspired beverages were made on arrival and products were out to play with! People were also more than welcome too get a few of The Body Shop artists too apply some of the British Rose products- and I did! 
This was a a great way for all of the bloggers to learn about the products and chat with the artists. Overall the event was a great way to mingle with likewise bloggers and play around with the new range. 

All thought I would've liked someone to speak about the products and interact with the bloggers a little bit more. Still looking forward to some amazing Body Shop events too come, as they are such an amazing company doing great things. 

The British Rose Range is a beautiful, colourful range. 
Rose has a very distinctive smell- but I think it really does represent femininity and gorgeous refreshing smell. 
My personal favourites are the Body Scrub and Body Butter. They work perfect together after one another. In the shower I use the scrub on mostly my hands feet and face, and then once I get out I use the body butter just to give me that moisturised feel. 


Our new body care range celebrates natural beauty, with bespoke blooms grown for The Body Shop in the heart of the English countryside, our roses are handpicked, air-dried and infused on-site into fresh mountain water. Everything's coming up roses, a brilliantly British interpretation of a timeless icon of femininity.



Glow from top to toe with our first essence lotion for the body. This fast absorbing, lightweight body essence transforms dull skin giving it an instant healthy glow that remains hydrated for 24 hours.


Our first body butter with immediate glow enhancing properties! Beautifully pearlescent, this velvety smooth moisturiser is light to the touch but rich in moisture.


Infused with the toning essence of roses it gently refines revealing smoother, fresher, dewy skin. Use once or twice weekly for petal-soft results.


Beautifully scented with sparkling fresh notes of bergamot and tangerine and a floral heart of dewy roses and bright peony. 


Sink into the scent of roses, this beautiful bath time indulgence leaves skin feeling softer and smoother.


Cocoon your hands in dewy hydration. This caring lightweight moisturiser is like carrying a bouquet of blooms wherever you go!


Awaken your skin in the irresistibly dewy scent of roses with our cleansing Shower Gel. 


Containing real rose petals to gently exfoliate skin, leaving it feel cleansed, dewy and petal soft.


This multi-tasking compact features dusky hues and rosy tones for a touch of colour you can build from day to night!


each of our stunning lip & cheek stains blends effortlessly for a gorgeous glow. 


nail a polished look with this new delicate shade, inspired by natures prettiest pinks.

Sunday, May 15, 2016



Jake and I were wanting a cute weekend getaway, somewhere semi-local but not ridiculously far. 
Phillip Island is somewhere that we both have childhood memories and Jakes aunt owns a beach house- so we thought why not!

When I think Phillip Island I think family, because there is so much to do for families- and I guess because it was somewhere my Mum always took us. 

I contacted someone in charge of media for P.I tourism and was hooked up with an awesome blogging opportunity. I had a 4 park pass to the following:

- Churchill Island heritage farm
- Penguin Parade 
- Antarctic Journey 
- Koala Conservation

 So Jake and I checked out these attractions to review them for families. 
First things first; If you are a foodie, Phillip Island has plenty of awesome restaurants, cafes and bakeries. 
We loved getting up early Saturday morning and checking out the main street and picking somewhere to eat- and breakies my favourite hehe. 

The first attraction of the day was Churchill Island heritage farm. 

Experience a piece of Victoria’s heritage on this historic island, where you can enjoy a relaxing stroll through the fragrant cottage gardens and lawns. Coastline walks offer magnificent views of Phillip Island and Western Port, while the restored farmhouse and cottages provide a glimpse into the past lives of early Australian settlers and past farming practices

Awesome place for families who want to get outdoors- learn about the history of this farm and of course see some farm animals. One thing I did notice is that this place was a hit for tourists! A lot of tourists from Asia loved checking out the farm as they don't have these kinds of animals from where their from. I would defiantly recommend taking a picnic to Churchill as the views are amazing and the air is too fresh to be eating inside. Then of course have a coffee or tea in the cafe at the end of your Churchill adventure. I would recommend Churchill has a day trip, just after lunch. You will need too spend 2-3 hours here. 

Second attraction for the day was a spontaneous added extra as we drove past on the way home- THE CHOCOLATE FACTORY.
Jake and I decided to be naughty and sit down and have a treat at the chic factories cafe. 
I had an amazing chai latte and caramel slice- which was amazing. Jake chose the cookies and cream cheese cake, and demolished it in seconds (whats new).
Defiantly a must visit if you haven't been before. Absolutely quality. 

Then- Phillip Islands most popular attraction: The gorgeous little penguins. 
We arrived here at 5pm, as its amazing to sit down before the penguins come and watch the sunset. 
After the sunset is when the penguins make there way to land anyway. 
One important tip- RUG UP for this one. As it gets very very cold, so get snug while watching the penguins arrive. 
This has got to be one of my favourite things ever- watching these amazing creatures make there way too land, and they do it every night. These specific penguins at the penguin parade are the smallest in the world. SO you can imagine how cute they really are. This is a must if you have kids, hey even if you don't its still a must- Its a love for all! 
You will spend 2 maybe 2 and a half hours here, as you'll follow the penguins right up to the building and watch them waddle along (so cute). Perfect timing for dinner! 

After a refreshing sleep at our beach house- we were up and ready to start the day for the next adventure. Sunday morning we decided we would have a bakery breakfast and enjoy some sausage rolls and pies. You won't have a problem finding a good barley in P.I as there are so many. 

Todays first adventure was a trip up to nobbies, boy was it cold. 
This drive is amazing and you've gotta stop at least once on your way up to hobbies, as theres amazing view points. 
Our trip up to nobbies was too see the Antarctic Journey. A virtual hands on Journey that I would 100% recommend to families with young children. This place was great for educating kids about Antarctic wildlife. Jake and I didn't spend very long here as it wasn't really something we were overly interested in, but if I had kids this would be a must. Kids love to touch and play, and most of all we love them too learn. So this was a great place to do all of those things, and then view the seals on the rocks outside. 

Our next attractions was a favourite of mine- Koala Conservation. Visiting the iconic Australian Koalas and watching their fascinating lives as they sleep or much away on leaves. Great for anyone that loves animals and a walk! Koala conservation was our last stop before heading home.
An the perfect last stop I must say. 

As I walked along the board walk breathing in the fresh air, I thought to myself how often I get out and its not enough. It inspired me to want to see Australia more and in general just make more effort to get outdoors. We have a beautiful country and even something as simple as a walk is so healing and refreshing for our minds. Its little getaways like this that make me appreciate things and refresh my mind, body and soul. 

Thanks Phillip Island, 
For inspiring me. 



If you are interested in winning- family 4 Parks Pass (including entry to Churchill Island Heritage Farm, the Koala Conservation Centre, Antarctic Journey and the Penguin Parade) valued at $151.50
Then get involved in my give-away on my Instagram! All you need to do is go onto Instagram @evieseverythingbeautiful and like + comment my Phillip Island give-away photo!
Winners will be announced Wednesday the 18th!