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Jake and I were wanting a cute weekend getaway, somewhere semi-local but not ridiculously far. 
Phillip Island is somewhere that we both have childhood memories and Jakes aunt owns a beach house- so we thought why not!

When I think Phillip Island I think family, because there is so much to do for families- and I guess because it was somewhere my Mum always took us. 

I contacted someone in charge of media for P.I tourism and was hooked up with an awesome blogging opportunity. I had a 4 park pass to the following:

- Churchill Island heritage farm
- Penguin Parade 
- Antarctic Journey 
- Koala Conservation

 So Jake and I checked out these attractions to review them for families. 
First things first; If you are a foodie, Phillip Island has plenty of awesome restaurants, cafes and bakeries. 
We loved getting up early Saturday morning and checking out the main street and picking somewhere to eat- and breakies my favourite hehe. 

The first attraction of the day was Churchill Island heritage farm. 

Experience a piece of Victoria’s heritage on this historic island, where you can enjoy a relaxing stroll through the fragrant cottage gardens and lawns. Coastline walks offer magnificent views of Phillip Island and Western Port, while the restored farmhouse and cottages provide a glimpse into the past lives of early Australian settlers and past farming practices

Awesome place for families who want to get outdoors- learn about the history of this farm and of course see some farm animals. One thing I did notice is that this place was a hit for tourists! A lot of tourists from Asia loved checking out the farm as they don't have these kinds of animals from where their from. I would defiantly recommend taking a picnic to Churchill as the views are amazing and the air is too fresh to be eating inside. Then of course have a coffee or tea in the cafe at the end of your Churchill adventure. I would recommend Churchill has a day trip, just after lunch. You will need too spend 2-3 hours here. 

Second attraction for the day was a spontaneous added extra as we drove past on the way home- THE CHOCOLATE FACTORY.
Jake and I decided to be naughty and sit down and have a treat at the chic factories cafe. 
I had an amazing chai latte and caramel slice- which was amazing. Jake chose the cookies and cream cheese cake, and demolished it in seconds (whats new).
Defiantly a must visit if you haven't been before. Absolutely quality. 

Then- Phillip Islands most popular attraction: The gorgeous little penguins. 
We arrived here at 5pm, as its amazing to sit down before the penguins come and watch the sunset. 
After the sunset is when the penguins make there way to land anyway. 
One important tip- RUG UP for this one. As it gets very very cold, so get snug while watching the penguins arrive. 
This has got to be one of my favourite things ever- watching these amazing creatures make there way too land, and they do it every night. These specific penguins at the penguin parade are the smallest in the world. SO you can imagine how cute they really are. This is a must if you have kids, hey even if you don't its still a must- Its a love for all! 
You will spend 2 maybe 2 and a half hours here, as you'll follow the penguins right up to the building and watch them waddle along (so cute). Perfect timing for dinner! 

After a refreshing sleep at our beach house- we were up and ready to start the day for the next adventure. Sunday morning we decided we would have a bakery breakfast and enjoy some sausage rolls and pies. You won't have a problem finding a good barley in P.I as there are so many. 

Todays first adventure was a trip up to nobbies, boy was it cold. 
This drive is amazing and you've gotta stop at least once on your way up to hobbies, as theres amazing view points. 
Our trip up to nobbies was too see the Antarctic Journey. A virtual hands on Journey that I would 100% recommend to families with young children. This place was great for educating kids about Antarctic wildlife. Jake and I didn't spend very long here as it wasn't really something we were overly interested in, but if I had kids this would be a must. Kids love to touch and play, and most of all we love them too learn. So this was a great place to do all of those things, and then view the seals on the rocks outside. 

Our next attractions was a favourite of mine- Koala Conservation. Visiting the iconic Australian Koalas and watching their fascinating lives as they sleep or much away on leaves. Great for anyone that loves animals and a walk! Koala conservation was our last stop before heading home.
An the perfect last stop I must say. 

As I walked along the board walk breathing in the fresh air, I thought to myself how often I get out and its not enough. It inspired me to want to see Australia more and in general just make more effort to get outdoors. We have a beautiful country and even something as simple as a walk is so healing and refreshing for our minds. Its little getaways like this that make me appreciate things and refresh my mind, body and soul. 

Thanks Phillip Island, 
For inspiring me. 



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