Monday, May 9, 2016

NEW from Rimmel London

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 Volume Colourist Mascara and Colour Precise Liners

I should be the brand ambassador for Rimmel London by now, as I always find myself wearing their products and promoting them! 
Rimmels fantastic for every day products- such as mascara, light foundation and liners. 

This week I had the pleasure of reviewing Rimmels new products:
The Volume Colourist and Colour precise liner. 

As I mention in all of my mascara reviews, it is so very hard to find a good mascara that isn't to clunky on the lashes. I hate to say but I find this happens with a lot of the Maybelline mascaras- and its the worst because all of your lashes stick together and your lashes just look like a mess. 

The Volume Colourist Mascara does not do this! Honestly, I am so impressed with this new mascara, they have nailed it. 
They give your lashes that really thin long look, I like to call it the princess lash look. 

No more invisible naked lashes - even in those unplanned moments! Our revolutionary new mascara reveals more lashes... even when you're NOT wearing it!
A lash tint complex with natural colorants gradually tints your bare lashes over time. And, in an instant, the volumising formula loads lashes with jet-black impact. Open your eyes to darker, sexier, more noticeable lashes, with and without mascara!
But this is why Rimmels new mascara is so impressive. 
Rimmel have done something that no other brand has done. 
The best thing ever for people that have blonde albino eye lashes like me. 
This mascara is suppose to darken bare lashes in less then two weeks- amazing. 

Here is a photo below of this amazing mascara on. 


• Highly pigmented formula for intense colour
• Long lasting & quick drying for a look that won’t budge
• Super precise applicator for a flawless look
• Sweat & humidity proof 

Okay let me have a quick rant. 
Liquid eye liner is my worst night mare, 
Like the devil to me in make up form. 

Not to say I don't wear liquid eye liner, I just think its the worst thing to apply ever. 
One day I will absolutely ace it and then 90% of the time I will just ruin my whole face. 
I like to blame it on the liners but look its probably just me.. 

BUT in saying that, there are some liners that are just shocking. 
Thick liners and liners that are too liquidy (that is not even a word.. is now),
can make it so much easier to fail and ruin your make up. 

Again, in all honesty- this product is the complete opposite. 
I mean, hello look at my pretty eyes below! 
The truth is in the name of the product- precise! 

This product is fantastic for applying a thin straight line, and of course you can make the line as thick as you want. But for those who like a simple thin line, this liner is great. 

Thanks Rimmel for giving me pretty eyes... xx 


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