Friday, April 8, 2016


Pick your own Strawberries,
Bacchus Marsh. Melbourne.

Loving where you live I believe is extremely important. 
Thats why I made the move to Bacchus marsh, and I absolutely love it. 
About only 35-40 minutes from the CBD, just past Melton is the beautiful country town, traditionally  market garden area- Bacchus marsh.

The best thing about Bacchus Marsh is the fantastic fresh local produce. Which I am very passionate with supporting. 
Its great to go to the local supermarket and surrounding fruit shops and buy produce that has been grown locally by family business'. 

Speaking of local produce, I always rant and rave to everyone about checking out Bacchus marshes pick your own strawberries farm! Right before you enter town on the avenue of honour is this massive strawberry farm run by a family business. 
I looooove going as I always get too pick the yummiest strawberry and pay such a reasonable price. 
I secretly may eat more strawberries while picking them then I actually buy, but c'mon thats expected. I recommend this to families with kids as a must, as the kids are allowed to pick their own strawberries and eat them- no need too tell them off! 

For about $10 for a kg of strawberries, I would much rather pick my strawberries fresh from the farm then by them in the supermarket. 

Recommendation for a day trip would be too pick some strawberries in the morning, grab a coffee from one of the amazing cafes in Bacchus marsh and then shop at the local supermarket for a picnic in one of the beautiful parks. 

& remember, Support fresh local produce.


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