Sunday, October 19, 2014

Quest bars... Junk free

Quest bars, protein low carb bars. 

This is a well well over due post, as quest has got me raving about their different bars. 
After a big workout all I crave sometimes is a little snack, and of course I want it to be healthy. As well as having be healthy I need to have the protein my body needs to allow me too recover for the next day. 
These bars tick all the boxes. 
 Easy to purchase 
Wide range 
Junk free and low carbs 
Their range of flavours is huge, so you can always mix it up. To be honest I tried almost nearly every flavour and their was only 1 that I didn't like. 

Here were my favourite- 

I defiantly reccomend having a look at quests range. If quest asked me to review more products Id honestly be honoured that's how much I enjoyed reviewing this amazing brand. 
The great thing is, I've discovered they do more then just bars 
I loved quest bars and I think you will too! Xo 


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