Friday, October 17, 2014

Home sweet home, an beautiful hair

Unfortunately my holiday ended very very badly after some unfortunate circumstances due too car issues. BUT when arriving back home it was very much like christmas. As any blogger would know after a holiday away coming home too many packages is very exciting! 

But as you can imagine after a 6 hours drive home and a bad mood, I wasn't feeling trying all my new amazing products! But my hair was in need of a desperate good wash, (oily hair.. It happens too all of us ahhhh) 
Now I don't know about my readers, but I really struggle to find a good brand that leaves my hair feeling fresh and clean. It doesn't matter how expensive the brand, my hair often goes oily the day after I wash my hair! 
Here's where natural shampoo and conditioners come in... Their one of the only types that really really clean and repair my hair. 

Natural instinct- a beautiful range of hair cares that are made with all natural ingredient and 100% envoirwment friendly. If you really look into how some products go about their testing you may be sick too your stomach and never turn away from natural made products.
Here are the many amazing benefits of natural instinct
My hair feels beautiful. It's silky, fresh, clean and very straight! 
I rate this product 10/10. 


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