Friday, October 31, 2014


Asus Transformer tablet 

Estimated RRP- $599
Shopping price- $479

Now for people who travel a lot and like to take their computer with them, I understand unplugging your big Mac computer and carrying it around is no option!
So a laptop is perfect, but.... What about a laptop that also transforms into a tablet. 2 in 1!
This is perfect for when im walking around the house, i'd just detach it and use the touch screen tablet. When I'm needing to write emails or posts then I just attach the keyboard and its as easy as that. Their were a few things that I had to get used too, because I have been getting used to Apple switching to Microsoft again is a big change.
Other things I had to get used was just things like the controls and the desktop! But once I got used too it, it was great.
With a Microsoft account you log in, or you can easily make a new account. With an account you can download apps on to your transformer, some apps that even apple cant download!
Now besides all the amazing things about this cool little laptop, I did find a flaw...
The internet seems very slow, now their may be something to fix that I am really not too sure. But it did get a little annoying waiting for things to load.
I tried to think of something to compare the laptops size too, the only thing  I can think of is a book! So it can quite easily just chuck it into your handbag. I cant get over how simple this laptop is and how much tine you can save by taking this with you on your travels.

I would recommend the ASUS TRANSFORMER to anyone who travels and needs to take their laptop with them.
This would be perfect for students, who are always going to uni and needing their laptop with them. If you want to make the laptop that little bit thinner and smaller you can just take the tablet with you, Its honestly so simple and easy. Check out your locl computer/technology store and see what their price is!
Personally I think JB HI FI is one of the cheapest.
9/10 for this product :)


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