Thursday, October 9, 2014

The skin needs to be fed!

Gaia skin care! 

Our skin gets dry, burns, dies or gets oily. Now people often forget to feed and nourish their skin, to exfoliate and moisturise. In order for our skin to looks radiant and healthy and glow you NEED to do these things! 
The reason I love this brand the most is because it's all natural, pure and organic. After day out in the sun and a face full of make up these products are great. The foaming cleanser to help wash your face, and the refreshing toner after you wash. 
Also if you are a mother, the baby products a perfect and gentle. Would defiantly Reccomend as that's all my sister used for her two young ones.

I'm also very excited to take the little bottle holiday set away this week! Will be very handy. Thank you Gaia I am one very lucky girl :) 


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