Friday, October 31, 2014

Calvin Klein- Reveal

Classy.                Elegant.             Sophisticated.            

Calvin kliens new realease is here, Reveal! 
Personally myself, I find it very hard to find a perfume fragrance I fall in love with. 
Something that doesn't give me a head ache or I just get over wearing...
Today when I received this beauty an smelt it for the first time I instantly fell in love. 

The smell of this perfume is so classy and beautiful. 
Have you ever judged someone straight away by their smell? Haha 
Whether a person that walks by that smells yuck or someone who walks pasts smelling amazing, I always seem to judge them by their smell as well as appearance. It's just something that us humans do! 

Well this perfume would immediately give the effect of making someone believe your classy or elegant, an most importantly approachable! An oh the boys will be loving it... 
Have you ever had multiple people ask you what perfume you were wearing? Well that was me today!! 
10/10 rate this amazing perfume. It'll be one hell of those perfumes I always buy and keep in my colection. Rpt- estimated $70! 


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