Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Anathoth Farm

simple ingredients. nothing more, nothing less

Beautiful, beautiful New Zealand. A place that I can almost call home. 
I have a lot of family that were born and still living in New Zealand, and all though I have only visited the beautiful country once, it feels like a second home. 

One thing I enjoyed the most about New Zealand is their food! Their fresh produce and their unique kiwi brands. Thats the sort of stuff I miss about New Zealand!!!
Luckily, I got the fantastic opportunity to review some NZ brands which I have surprisingly never tried before. Starting with the fantastic Anathoth Farm- New Zealand Jams and Pickles. 

I had the absolute pleasure of reviewing the sweet chilli relish, which has actually been voted for product of the year, impressive huh!!!!

To be honest, this isn't the type of product I would usually go and purchase, but I have been highly impressed with the unique taste of the relish. I personally enjoy it just on some crackers, as its quite a sweet fruity flavour. It is quite hard to explain the taste of this relish, as I've never had anything like it before. 
The texture is a bit thick and lumpy, kind of like a fruity jam!
After opening, the tub is to go in the fridge, and to be kept refrigerated.

To see a full list of all of the Anathoth Farm products, recipes, history, to purchase the products & all other handy information visit the website below!
In conclusion, I must tell my readers that this really is a brand you can trust. Its one of those brands that you can read every single ingredient thats been put in, and exactly how its been made. Their are no dodgy secrets and ingredients, its all natural and every single product is made with love and care!
I totally recommend going out and trying this relish or even one of Anathoth farms other products. Personally I can't wait to try the jams, they look amazing!!!


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