Sunday, February 22, 2015

Just Bedding!


Personally I believe a room impacts your mood. 
For an example; if you walk into a dirty smelly room, you're not going to be over the moon to spend time in this room are you? 

Thats why I LOVE new linen. Fresh sheets, new bed cover, new cushions, maybe a new colour scheme for your room, its just the best feeling. 
When you walk into your room and every things neat and tidy you feel refreshed in a way and it really does impact your mood. 

As of lately I've just been buying K-marts cheap bed covers, because well... there cheap. 
BUT you can tell there cheap as they don't last long. 
When you spend a little extra money and buy a quilt bed cover set, you can really notice the difference in quality. 
I luckily got the opportunity to review a quilt cover set from was something about the Bali Indigo set by Logan & Mason that jumped out at me. 

This bed covers the type of cover that makes me feel refreshed when I walk into my room, the colours and patterns are beautiful!
As soon as I put it on my bed I feel in love. It goes with my room perfectly and it really does just brighten my room! 
The quilt bed cover is quite thick and you can really tell that its great quality. I can't wait to be under these bed covers in Winter when its freeing cold. 

Brands that just bedding sell:
  • - 1D
  • - Anne Stockes
  • - Annoying Orange 
  • - Cubby House Kids
  • - Da Vinci
  • - DG37
  • - Hiccups 
  • - Hyde Park 
  • - Hyundai A-League 
  • - Jiggle & Giggle
  • - KAS au 
  • - Kooky 
  • - KS studio by KAS
  • - Logan & Mason
  • - Me to You
  • - Plaxton & Wiggin
  • - Platinum Collection
  • - Sheridan 
  • - Shuteye 
  • - Tontine 
  • - Tranquility 
  • - Ultima 
  • - Whimsy 
Personally I find online shopping a lot more convenient and lately way better with stock. Stores often sell out of the things I look for and majority of the time they'll tell me too look online anyway. I also love that when shopping online it will include all of the information you need to know, rather then sometimes reading a packaged item wrong at the shops. I also love that when shopping for your bedding/linen online, the pictures always give you so many ideas and suggestions on how to decorate your room! 

Just Bedding are always having exclusive online promotions, and you can save so much. 
Right now they have an extended promo for Free Shipping, so I suggest you place your order in quick! 
I honestly will continue to buy my bedding from Just Bedding now. I've learnt the lesson that spending that little more money can really be worth it in the end. Not to mention that I had my quilt cover set at my door in the matter of 2-3 days!!!! 

Here are some photos of my new quilt cover set on my bed, yay! 
Please keep in mind that I've moved into a smaller room so I really couldn't get the perfect angle for this beautiful bed cover. 

Bali Indigo (Logan & Mason) $79.95

Thank you Just Bedding, you've made one happy customer!


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