Monday, February 2, 2015

Padma Resort, Bali- Legian

Padma Resort

I HAD to start my Bali posts with the amazing Padma Resort.
I have not one bad thing to say about this beautiful resort, it is simply the best place I've ever stayed.
I'm unfortunately now home from Bali, but I spent 2 weeks at my second home. It was my second stay at the Padma resort and I just can't get enough. I want to share my thoughts on the beautiful place..

Now to begin with, I find the location to be a big attraction. When staying in Bali, Kuta is a big no no for me, as you can't escape the craziness. Staying in places like Nusa Dua and Uluwatu isn't an option either, as I like to be close to the shopping, restaurants, night life and so on. As for Seminyak I would probably stay their one day, but I am not very keen on the shopping around Seminyak as its all upper market expensive shops. BUT I have to mention that Seminyak have some of the best restaurants to go and visit.
So the location of Padma is fantastic! Located right next to the beach in Legian, its a simple walk out the resorts back entrance and your right in front of the beach (with a perfect view of the sunset).
I like to be away from the crazy night life, but not to far... What I like about the location of Padma most is the street that we are on. As you walk out of the resort you are on a wonderful strip for all sorts of attractions! The street has fantastic shopping, great resturants including the beloved Mozerella, other accommodation and so much more.
My partner and I really found that most of the great shopping was done right on our street or on Garlic Lane which is right next door to the Padma.

Location: TICK

Next thing that jumps out too me is the resort itself. It is the biggest resort I have ever visited in my life. If you don't believe me, let me tell you all of the resorts amenities;

- 2 Swim up bars
- 3 Pools
- Childrens pool with 3 water slides
- Infinity pool
- Sunset bar
- 3 Restaurants including Teppenyaki 
- Departure Lounge
- Baby sitting or Childcare 
- BBQ grills
- Dry cleaning/laundry service
- Gift shop and news stand
- Garden Club
- Rooftop Terrace 
- Airport transportation
- Business Centre
- Hair Salon
- Luggage Storage
- Conference Space
- Full Service Spa
- Health Club 
- 24 hour room service 
- Tennis on site
- Free self parking 
- Steam room
- Coffee shop or cafe 
- Kids club
- Tour gides
- Snack Bar deli

Look there is probably more that I've just forgotten to mention. But it honestly has everything, just visiting the Padma is a holiday in its self!

Resort; TICK

The service..... What a lot of resorts lack, but the Padma does not! All of the staff are absolutely lovely, and they always attend to your needs immediately. 
When my partner and I arrived our room was actually upgraded and we were given two free passes to the Resturant for themed buffet dinner. 
Little things like walking into our room and finding a cute little towel elephant made on our bed. An our room always being made perfectly every single day, it was immaculate.
The staff were wonderful, it was actually sad to leave as you become friends with a lot of the staff and their faces all become very familiar. The Padma staff almost feel like your little Balinese family!

Staff; TICK

The food... One of my favourite things hahaha. 
May I just mention, Padmas two restaurants are actually in the Trip Advisors TOP 10 places to eat in Bali. Do I even need to say anything else? 
All of our room service, swim up bar food, snacks.. everything was quality. 
The prices are a bit more then what you'll be paying at other places but like I said your paying for quality. We had a theme dinner at Padma one night- it was the BBQ Buffet. 
We instantly fell in love as we walked in, every food you can imagine was at this Buffet. 
The food was beautiful and I won't lie we went back for like fifths! 
Oh my god, now we are not ones for early mornings! But one morning we woke up at 6 am just for the breakfast buffet. It is the biggest and best breakfast buffet EVER. They have everything!!!! From different types of bacon, eggs the way you like them cooked, hash browns, sausages, every bread in the world, danishes, donuts, waffles, pancakes, every topping in the world, cereal, every fruit, yoghurt, rice, mi goreng even.... I could spend ages on this post listing the amazing foods but I just do not have time. It was great, and I can probably start thinking about visiting the gym asap..

Food; TICK

Lastly, the price. 
Now you have to remember its a 5 star resort so you can't expect it to be cheap. 
It is very expensive I must say, but every cent is worth it. The stay at the Padma made my trip to Bali perfect and it was probably my biggest highlight. 
If I had to give a little advice to the bargain hunters... wait till the sales. Padma has 40% off Accommodation at the moment.
But we personally booked through expedia and got the cheapest deal ever. 
We paid $2000 each for 14 nights stay, return flights and breakfast buffet every morning. Which is just a jaw dropping deal really. So I really do recommend keeping an eye out for all of the once in a lifetime deals that pop up. 

My favourite place to stay, and I honestly don't think I could stay somewhere else in Bali now. My expectations are way to high from staying at the Padma.
A big thank you to the lovely staff and I hope to be visiting again in October. 
Here are some photos from Padma Resort from my second stay xx

Desert at our BBQ buffet, to die for

Padma is full of beautiful art and statues

Both breakfast and themed dinners have live Balinese music, its lovely

Jake enjoying the swim up bar, where we enjoyed too many cocktails....

The beautiful bridge across the pool to our room

The NEW kids pool featuring 1/3 watersides. The watersides are even great fun for adults

Swim up Bar

Jake and I in the pool as we were every day

Our gorgeous pool at night time, lights up the resort!
The pools at our resort don't have a closing time so you can swim whenever you want.

The lovely staff at Padma leave cute little things like this on our bed to surprise us!

Jake swimming up to the swim up bar

The gorgeous garden surrounding the walkway to the entrance of Padma

Live cooking stations at our BBQ buffet dinner

Breakfast for one.... Fatty

Chicken and Beef satay from our swim up bar. a MUST TRY! 
Everyone raves on about these, they're yummo


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