Tuesday, February 24, 2015


Pure scents inspired by our world

 I love that, pure scents inspired by our world; Different smells created too remind you of a certain place somewhere in the the world. 
Today my house had the beautiful smell of Greek Islands-
Timeless and Tranquil 

All I did was put a few drops of the strong scent into my burner (5-6 drops), simply lit the candle and let that scent burn. In the matter of not even 10-20 minutes, my whole house hold smelt like this beautiful scent. 
The scent in a way can literally take you places.

As I've talked about in one of my previous posts, about how your room or surroundings can really effect your mood. Well its quite the same with scent.
Whether its the smell of a particular food you love, or a cologne on a boy your mad about, all smells have an effect on you, these in particular will make you feel happy. 
Where as the strong scent from a garbage truck or animal droppings stuck to your shoe, isn't going to make you quite as happy is it...

I have been given 5 Beautiful scents to review, all in which take me places.
They make me feel different emotions. For example, when I burn Oracle I feel relaxed and very calm. Here are the five scents I have been given to review:
  •  Tango: romantic and sensual
  • Oracle: mystical and meditative 
  • Shaman: uplifting and dynamic 
  • Starlet: feminine and enticing 
  • Greek Island: timeless and tranquil
All of these fantastic scents can be used to set a mood, its quite self explanatory actually. 
Setting a mood with your partner, Tango is perfect for the evening. 
If you like to practised tarot cards and readings, Oracle is a beautiful scent to burn. 

But if you're just wanting to make your home/room smell beautiful,then simply burn whatever appeals to you at that time! They really are the best gift or best thing to buy for yourself. 

If you're thinking WELL how do I order these amazing oil blends!!!!?
Simply order online, its that easy. 
For how to order, styling ideas, prices, and blog posts on Scentcillo visit their website below;


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