Thursday, February 26, 2015

Clean Treats by Charlie de Haas


Its the Instagram trending hashtags! 
Clean Treats are becoming more and more well known, 
as Charlie de Haas continues to dominate. 
The health coach, author, speaker and skin expert has created 
an amazing brand; clean treats. 

This woman truly is an inspiration. To have at least one of her job roles,
I would be so proud, let alone all of her job roles!!! 
I was so happy when I received an email from Charlie herself, 
asking if I would like too review her Clean Treats.

Hell yeah I would, I thought to myself! 
I love trying new healthy products and reviewing them, 
its one of my favourite things to review.

But why are Charlies Balls (clean treats) so great you ask?
Well charlies ball are Gluten, dairy, refined sugar, preservative 
& guilt free....
These healthy, happy balls are the perfect addition to your day.
I was sent three delicious flavours of Charlies Balls!

- Cranberry coconut love balls 
- Peanut Butter muscle balls 
- Chocolate nut love balls 

Cranberry coconut love balls were my fav! So much flavour 
and its 100% gulf free. I find these clean treats perfect for when 
you get home from a tiring workout at the gym &
you feel like a bit of a snack. 
All of the orders have a used by date on the package, 
and a hand written description of everything ordered. 
This gives the perfect touch, and really shows how much love, 
time and care goes into the making of these products.

Clean Treats not only have the very popular charlies balls but also; 
slices, cakes and pro muffins! 

I am also very pleased to announced that Clean Treats 
will have a stall at the Arnold Classic! 
I'll be sure to stock up on all of my favourite 
Clean treats products!!!

To order, see a full list of products and everything else Clean treats visit their website; 


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