Tuesday, February 24, 2015


Sexercise the musical. To be completely honest with you, I did not know what to expect.
I was aware Sexercise was a Melbourne musical comedy, but I really didn't know what I and everyone else would think of this show. 
But.... IT WAS HILARIOUS. The whole entire crowd would be in laughing fits, it really was just fantastic. 

Let me share my experience of the Opening night of Sexercise.

We arrived at the Alex Theatre, which is quite a beautiful theatre. I did notice it was a lot smaller then a lot of the other Melbourne theatres, only having minimal seating. But I guess the Alex Theatre will only host the smaller theatre shows. The venue had a wonderful "after party" area, which was huge area with a bar and disco lights... Yes their was disco lights, I felt like I was back at a blue light disco!
Back to me arriving at the venue! So we picked up our tickets from Box Office and after a few bubblys (complementary of course) we were able to find our seats and await the show. 
Our seats were up the back of the theatre but because its quite a small theatre, it was in perfect view of the stage. 
I was very excited to notice that Paul Robinson from neighbours was sitting in front of me!!! (Sorry I would rather call him Paul robinson then his actual name) 

THE STORY is placed in the fast-paced world of married professional mid-30s couple Joe (Lyall Brooks) and Sam (Nicole Melloy). There's no place for seduction amid the juggling of school runs, work schedules and their personal exercise regimes.
Like so many things that are stretched to a breaking point, Joe and Sam are failing to deliver to each other what they used to give away so freely - time, affection, spontaneity and, of course, sex.
Well-meaning friends Tania (Lulu McClatchy), Shane (Kristin Holland) and Andy (Cameron MacDonald) try to help Joe and Sam work through their problems.
At couples' therapy Joe and Sam take a new approach to repairing their relationship when their counsellor, Rhonda (Fem Belling), offers them a self-help book about sexercise.
Why work out as individuals when they can burn kilojoules together to stay fit and find happiness?

It was quite hilarious because throughout the show you could see couples nudging each other relating to certain things. It was really quite a relatable show. They often talked (should I sung) about different problems a married couple or relationships can have. An as I was watching I could even relate to some of the stuff. Couples not making compromises for each other, making excuses for each other and sometimes not having enough sex! 
In this day an age sex isn't a controversial topic at all. Its something that a lot of Melbournians are open about. An the fantastic way that this theatre show made the audience laugh but sit down and think about their relationships! I also saw a lot of oldies purchase the Sexercise book... but hey who am I too judge!

A lot of swear words, sexual scenes and laughing fits later and this show was just great. The one thing that I really loved about this show is how the audience could relate in regards to it being made in Melbourne. Their were a lot of references that only Melbournians or Australians would get. They referred to places like Taylors Lakes,  Narre Warren. References to people like Nikki Webster and all sorts of Australian icons, which I loved! 

After the show we got to hang back at the After Party and meet the cast. Food and drinks provided and it was a fantastic time. It was great to see the Actors of the stage and see their real personalities. It really makes you realise the talent they have to act their part on stage. 

I had a fantastic time and recommend seeing this show to everyone, what a great night! 


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