Wednesday, February 4, 2015

BALI- Visit an orphanage

MUST DO IN BALI; Visit an orphanage

It's always good to give back to the less fortunate, and in Bali majority of us Aussies are so rich compared to them. We take a lot of things for granted and don't realise how fortunate a lot of us are. Unfortunately there are a lot of Orphanages in Bali and a volunteer from Switzerland was explaining to me why.
A lot of poor parents can't afford to bring up there children, there for they will go to an orphanage. A lot of the children are homeless already and get rescued by an orphanage and in a lot of cases some of the children will have deceased parents and there for have no one looking after them.

The specific orphanage we visited was one just out of denepansar, hidden in an ally way. With a mixture of boys and girls all aged between 4-16. The orphanage was owned by an American man whom loved the idea of giving these children a place to sleep. The building used to be an abandoned building where the homeless children begun to sleep in. Then the American man and a few Indonesian women decided to fix it up and make it into a proper orphanage. Where all of the children have a proper bed each, a music room, a kitchen, toilets and bathrooms, and eating room and places to play outside.
This orphanage seemed to be very well looked after, as they had a lot of donations there already. Most of the children attended school in the evening and when they came back they had all sorts of things to do like play musical instruments or even use laptops that were donated by Aussies.

But its very easy to make the kids smile over there and makes some differences.
I visited the local Bintang supermarket and only spent about $30 and got plenty to keep the children happy. My $30 broght the kids rice, toilet paper, treats like chocolate, toys and some milk! Things like rice are a smart thing to buy for the orphanages as they will go along way and last. Toys of course keep the kids happy, so its always good to buy them things like that, that make them happy!

My advice though is to visit an orphanage that doesn't get much help. You want to give to those who don't get much often! If you don't mind having a little bit of a shock then visit places such as the orphanage that has the kids effected by the Bali bombings. I really wish I had visited this one, as i've herd it really touches a spot in your heart. Most of the kid there are missing limbs or effected somehow in a big way. I would love to give to them and really show them my love

The feeling you get out of giving to these poor kids is truly amazing.
If you can spend as little as $30 and make a difference then why not do so.
Make a visit to the orphanage on your Bali to do list, you will not regret it I promise.


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