Sunday, June 15, 2014


all aboard- my lifestyle change.

Starting a personal training course and a healthy new lifestyle change.
Not only is it all about losing weight, but its changing my diet and learning about nutrition and how the body works.
Follow me through my long term change, and not only will you be motivated and encouraged, but you will see things like;

- Supplement reviews
- Nutritional facts
- Healthy and easy meals
- Plenty of photos, before and after photos
- Motivational tips
- Gym reviews and classes

Following me through this process will not only bennefit you by learning tips and facts, motivation but eventually I will be building my name and really getting it out their...
After completing my personal training course I will be offering cheap personal training classes to start off, I will have my own personal fitness website and instagram account. So feel free email me and comment on my reviews, open for any suggestions, questions or tips :)


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