Saturday, April 26, 2014

Ally Fashion

a l l y   f a s h i o n
Today I opened up my wardrobe (overflowing wardrobe) to find something to wear. I then had a realisation that my wardrobe has become about 70% of ally fashion clothing! Now this is ridiculous seeming as I've literally only started shopping their for about 6-12 months!
After realising how much I shop at this amazing store, I decided I need to let me readers know just how great they are.
The only difference between Ally fashion and say... Bardot or sportsgirl, is the price.
All fashion have good quality clothing but at AFFORDABLE prices. The average price you'll be paying for a going out dress is $19.95.
Now some ladies of a bigger size hate even walking into these shops, thinking that their is no point. But Ally fashion have clothing that goes up to a size 16! Now thetas good for shops like these.. If you're still a little self conscious of sizing and tight clothing, Ally have great flowwy dresses that can hide your curves. But besides dresses/tops/skirts Ally have all types of clothing including:
Formal wear
(I personally know people that have purchased their graduation dresses from here)
Casual Shoes
much more.. 
Directed age for shoppers: 12-30 years old
Customer Service: Lovely/helpful (most visited stores)
Price range: $4.95-$49.95 
Shop online at:


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