Monday, January 12, 2015

The Bohemian Original

The Bohemian Original 

Bring out your inner Hippie with Boho style jewellery!about/c1enr

The idea behind my jewellery is to connect with a persons individuality; I do this by designing bespoke jewellery- truly one of a kind pieces that carry their own 'energy', and appeal to the special person who is supposed to wear them."

I am so very pleased that I've found this wonderful brand. Angela Radke is the creative should behind this wonderful brand. Angela established The Bohemian Original not long ago in 2012, aiming to share her creative passion, her insatiable wanderlust and her love of exotic faraway places and people. Whilst creating beautiful hand made jewellery she keeps her designs eco friendly and cruelty free, by using a mixture of natural, sustainable and recycled materials. 
Every item is hand crafted in her home studio, located among the stunning beaches and beautiful country of Maragaret river, Western Australia. 
The Bohemian Original sell;
- Necklaces
- Rings 
- Bracelets 
- Raw Crystals 

"The Bohemian Original is the eclectic, bohemian lifestyle. It is the quirky, natural elements of our designs.

We are for the wandering gypsies, the free spirited travellers, the endless summer."

I was extremely lucky enough to have the chance to review a hand made piece from The Bohemian Original. I chose something that jumped out to me on the website; something that appealed to my eyes. I chose the Fuchsite Boho Crystal Necklace. 
The necklace is a mineral known as Fuchsite; a gorgeous, glittering emerald green stone. It is known as a stone of health and knowledge, and is said to assist in growing self worth and ba;lancing energy. It features a silver arrowhead charm, which in some Native American symbolism signifies the adventure in all of us. 

The reason I love the idea behind this brand and the jewellery so much, is that its all about individuality and meaning. 
There is a design to suite all different types of personalities and when one design particularly appeals to you, it has a special meaning. 
For me, this piece of jewellery is about expressing my personality and bringing out the little hippie inside. I cannot wait to wear this special necklace everywhere I go! I will be flaunting it in Bali! 

 Connect with the Bohemian Original; and get shopping!
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