Sunday, January 4, 2015

Cafe Greco- Watergardens

Cafe Greco- Watergardens 
 My favourite local place to eat!

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When I'm feeling like a great feed, Cafe Greco is always on my mind. This place is so good I just had to blog about it.
I'm a bit of a bargain hunter when it comes to eating out, because I think the price of food at some places is just ridiculous.
So of a lunch time, Cafe greco is a great cheap place to eat. You get a big main meal and a soft drink of your choice for only $15!
The value is great and I love every single meal i've tried. This is the Cafe Greco lunch menu:

Its very hard nowadays to find a nice place to eat that has quality food. The type of restaurant or cafe that you'd be happy to spend a special occasion there. 
The cafe has a very modern look too it, an they've considered smokers also as theirs an outdoor eating area welcome for smokers. 
My service has always been good and I can't think of anything to possibly complain about. 
I've never waited any longer then 20 minutes for my food too come out, and it always tastes fantastic and fresh. 
Cafe Greco is located in the alfresco part of Watergardens, besides the Hoyts Cinemas. As you look out you can see the lake and gushing water, which is a really nice setting! 
I will defiantly be heading to Cafe Greco for a night time dinner outing, all though the menu (not the lunch time menu) seems to be a bit pricey! But I guess you have too pay a little more for quality food.

I give Cafe Greco a 9/10
Recommending my favourite lunch time meal; Greco Chicken Pizza. 
Heres a photo to get your taste buds tingling-


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