Tuesday, November 10, 2015


6 more Mondays till Christmas!!!!!!!

Every year, everyone knows that Christmas approaches extremely fast- yet most people leave everything till last minute. 
But not me, noooooo way. 
It might be because Christmas is my favourite time of the year, yes I think that has something to do with it. But I always make sure that I everything very organised and eave nothing last minute. If you don't believe me, then how do you feel when I tell you I put my Christmas tree up on Sunday....... 

Call me crazy because its only like mid November, but I don't want to only celebrate Christmas for a month.... A month that goes by way to fast for my liking. So I decide to start watching Christmas movies, present buy and put my Christmas tree up a month early. 
I find it very fast that when I ask people if their excited for Christmas, they say nope I hate christmas. Or they give the excuse that all their kids have grown up so theirs no need. 
I don't think I will ever lose my love for Christmas, even when I am retired and am wetting the bed. 
Christmas isn't about just giving and receiving gifts, its about getting the family together and spending time with them. Its about putting in and doing things for others. Its about bringing joy to people and having a break from lives hecticness (I know not a word, but I'm making it one). You might decide that Christmas for you is going on a holiday with the family, spending it with everyone at home or you may be that grinch person that decides to skip Christmas all together. 
But the most important thing is that around the holiday season being Christmas, be happy. Take a break and spend time with loved ones. Eat lots, drink egg nog, have a few sneaky beverages, buy gifts, open gifts, watch Christmas movies, listen to Michael Buble on repeat.. OK sorry Im naming everything I enjoy, but please do what makes you happy this Christmas. 

**** DRUM ROLE PLEASE**************************

I would like everyone to see my amazing Christmas tree. 
Now as a lot of you know, I moved into my first very own house. A beautiful double storey that I love decorating. So this has actually been my first Christmas in my own house which brings the joy of picking my own Christmas tree and decorations, yayyyyy. 
Here it is :) *sorry for poor lighting. 

This beauty is a 7ft (fake) tree, with a beachy theme! Everything in this photo was purchased, stated below: 

- Tree: Target $129
- Baubels: Target $25
- Fairy lights: The Reject Shop $20

My favourite thing about this tree would defiantly be the baubles. I have decided to do something other then the traditional looking tree this year, and I have also ditched the tinsel. The colours are just amazing, and match the theme in my house.
After I buy all of my gifts for family and friends, I will wrap them in tiffany coloured wrapping paper, to keep the theme!
Sivers, baby blues and light greens only for wrapping paper! Maybe some possible blue bubble gum candy canes tooooo. 
I will update you all in December of what my lounge room looks like with all of the decorations as well as presents under the tree hehe.. 

Keep following my Christmas related posts, as I am posting lots of gift guides. 
Up next its what hot this month, 
Have a lovely week everyone, & don't forget only 6 more monday till Santa visits. 


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