Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Australis Browz IT

Browz IT by Australis 

Want to achieve brow perfection? 

Brows, Brows, Brows! Its all the ladies are worried about face wise nowadays. So here is a review on the Browz IT eyebrow perfecting kit. Note that the brows it is different from OH HAI BROW shaping kit, as the shaping kit works on shaping the brow and browz it is more directed at filling in the brow. 

Because I am a natural red head my eye brows are extremely light and very blonde. When I haven't filled my eye brows in you can defiantly tell! So filling in my eye brows has become a daily thing and I don't feel right without filling them in. Below here you can see the difference, right being my unfilled brow and and left being my filled brow. Keep in mind the left brow is ONLY the brow powder and not the brow wax. 

Left- only brow powder    Right- Natural eye brow

The brows it eye brow perfect kit is only RRP $12.95
The kit includes two Brow Powders, Brow wax, tweezers and a double-ended applicator. 
Everything you need to complete your perfect brows, and this kit is extremely compact and easy to pack away in your make up case. 
the two colours are a lighter brown and slightly darker brown. Suiting almost everyones colour for brows, and you can even vary between the two colours to suit your make up. 
AND I'm sure everyone can relate that when you are filling in your brows you find that stray hair that you need to tweeze, so what a great idea including the tweezers in the kit. 

* Here is a photo of the Two different brow powder colours and lucky last the brow gel! 
The brow gel is perfect for setting the brow and keeping it in tact, in shape and nice and straight. 

I've used many different brow powders, pencils, gels and all sorts but I do rate this brow kit! 
I would like to invest in a better brow brush but this one was okay. Considering the ridiculously good price of this kit it is completely worth the money! 
Recommend this brow kit to all of my viewers, 
RATE: 7.5/10

 Can purchase this product on the Australis website or almost anywhere that sells Australis.
 Priceline, K-mart, Big W, Target 


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