Tuesday, May 5, 2015

LUSH-ious hair

Solid Shampoo Bars from LUSH

Ditch the bottle and head for the bar! 

Isn't Lush just perfect? Not one fault I can think about Lush products or the company.
I'm sure everyone has herd of Lush- fresh handmade cosmetics; ethical buying, 100% vegetarian, active campaigners, reducing landfill and strongly against and fighting animal testing.
At a bloggers event we had a bunch of Lush employees doing a demonstration. They were so passionate about the company and the products and their information really stuck. 
The company has such amazing values and all of their hard work really shows in their great products. 

I could go on and on about this brilliant company, but I think its worthwhile having a look yourselves and doing some research.
If you're near a Lush store I recommend having a look inside, theirs so many amazing products that I doubt you'll be walking out empty handed.

The lucky duck that I am, I got the fantastic opportunity to review the NEW solid shampoo bars from Lush. Naked, unpreserved solid shampoo bars are not only convenient and unpreserved but for every one use, you are saving three bottles of liquid shampoo going to landfill. 
All $13.95 each
Five new flavours!!!!
- Honey I washed my hair
beehive, honey 
- Brazilliant 
Mane Carnival 
- Jason And the Argan Oil
Great Hair is no myth 
- Montalbano
Head of all heads  
- Copper head
Perk up your hair 

Today I reviewed Jason And The Argan Oil; On a quest for stronger, shinier, softer hair? Try this argan oil-packed, Rose Jam-scented bar. Ideal for those with lighter hair tones. My first impression was how cool this bar was, because you literally use it like a soap bar on your hair, and just rub it all over your hair. Surprised me but my hair lathered and it was exactly like using a liquid. I think this bar would last for ages as nothing really changed! 
My hair is feeling perfect, smooth and smells AMAZING. All you reviews from me, now all I have left to test is Brazilliant shampoo bar. 
To be honest with my audience, I've never really beed a customer of Lush- for no reason at all just never really have purchased much from their store. 
BUT Lush have defiantly won over a customer, just quietly I'm having an online shop right now hehe. 

Lush loving xo


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