Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Little Creatures Geelong

Little Creatures Geelong
bring out the little creature in you

I've been so impressed with this place that I thought I HAVE to tell the world about it (well at least my viewers).
My sister introduced me to this hidden cosy place, that I had never herd about before. 
I'm quite a foodie so I never knock down an opportunity for a dining experience. 
This place has such an exclusive feel to it, and you'll know exactly why once you visit. 
Hidden in this massive brewery, is an outdoor beer garden and a massive restaurant/pub. When you walk in of a night time this place is just buzzing. 
The beer garden is all lit up and everyones drinking and socialising. Inside is full of diners and people at the bar, the atmosphere is awesome and the great mood becomes contagious. 

One way I can describe Little Creatures is HIPSTER. The whole place is full of quirky things, surrounded with art, an all healthy (and delicious) menu and full of bearded men and women in band t-shirts. Okay okay I'm over exaggerating a crap load, but seriously its almost like if you don't look like a hipster then you cannot work at this place. Theirs nothing wrong with that, it gives an amazing feel and the customer service is fantastic.
But just to give you an idea of how great I thought this place was, after the first night of visiting I went 3 days straight. 
I had to show a few people this hidden little gem, and let them experience what I experienced.
What I loved most is the surroundings. This place has;
A sandpit to keep your children occupied
A massive piano in a shipping container to fool around with 
Buggy cars with awesome art on it
The nicest beer garden
Art that will keep your eyes wandering 
Awesome hipster staff 
YUMMY FOOD (five star) 
An the awesome atmosphere that will make you want to keep coming back. 

the night life was buzzing!

just some of the cool art around

the BEST pizza you will ever try 

these cute little bikes you can hire

the famous piano 

yep, they've thought of everything! Craft markets are held here every second sunday

Little creatures came about in Fremantle, out of the love of great beer shared with a few mates. After many trials and experimentation's  their first beer, Pale Ale, was presented to the Australian market in time for summer of 2001.But throughout the years they've created a bigger family of beers and they continue to grow and stretch their horizons.  

This place is just beyond brilliant. Its the unique style that differs the dining experience to every other place I've visited. 10/10 for their amazing food- I shared some ribs that were falling off the bone and melted in my mouth. I also shared the meat ball pizza and I swear to god it was like visiting Greece and experience their flavours in my mouth. I have never felt like that before with food, but it was something about this meatball pizza that really just hit me. So if you're visiting the Geelong Little Creatures 'canteen' I STRONGLY suggest the meatball pizza, because you WILL travel to Greece without having to buy that expensive plane ticket. 
Here are more details of the Geelong based brewery, and guess what; Brewery tours are FREE.

We're Open

Monday - Tuesday: 10am – 5pm
Wednesday - Friday: 10am – 10pm
Saturday: 8am – 10pm
Sunday: 8am – 10pm
BUCKS & HENS:   We’re chuffed that you’d think of sharing your pre-nuptial love with us, however we do not accept Bucks & Hens bookings in our venue______
BREWERY TOURS (FREE) Meet inside the Creatures Canteen (right side of entrance)... there's a big sign, you can't miss it.  
Monday to Thursday - 11am
Friday to Sunday - 11am, 3pm and 5pm


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