Saturday, May 9, 2015

Celebrating our 1 year anniversary @ Pireaus Blues

Pireaus Blues & Anniversary talk

Its not a big deal for some people, but its a huge deal for myself.
The one year mark with my partner and I is something I've been looking forward too for ages.
Its an accomplishment and its an exciting big deal for me.
Seemings that my longest relationship was 3 months with someone that wasn't so serious, this is HUGE for me. My first real love, my first real relationship and we made it to the one year mark.
Jake and I have accomplished so much together and shared so many precious memories. Travelling to different places, experiencing things for the first time together and growing as people as a couple. An of course the bad times that make your relationship stronger. The fights and the financial diffculties that arise sometimes during a relationship. But we've shown that we're strong enough to get through all of that and come out on top. But this post isn't about my love life and my relationship. Its about how I celebrated my 1 year anniversary with Jake, and what made it so very special.

I've posted about Pireaus Blues in the past, a Greek restaurant on Brunswick street. In between the hustle and bustle of this busy street is a beautiful traditional greek restaurant. This was a place that Jakes step dad took us too, a place that was very special to him. Its somewhere were his taken his late wife, his children and now Jakes mum. Its somewhere where you'd want to take people to share special occasions with. An thats exactly what I wanted to do for Jake and I.

A place that might be a little more pricey but totally worth it. Jake and I shared a Mothers day special banquet on the menu at $55 per head. Yes a little bit pricey but do you really expect to be paying like $20 for the best quality of food. An you don't necessarily want to share a McDonalds family meal for a special occasion, especially an anniversary.

At Pireaus Blues you can tell the staff are all a family, and that vibe spreads. You feel quite warm and included, and the customer service is exceptional. We especially noticed how great it was that the staff explained the dishes thoroughly when they came out, so you knew exactly what you were eating.
The staff also continue to ask if every things okay and if anythings needed.

If you're planning a place to visit for a special occasion I can't recommend this place enough. Its honestly the place you want to be when sharing a special time with someone.

Enjoy x


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