Saturday, June 27, 2015


A well deserved post.

Glamour Affair
A blogger even created by Erin (threebeesblog) & Melissa (melissabubbles)

Last Saturday I went on a road trip with my sister Erin and Melissa too Sydney! Erin and Melissa had created their second Glamour Affair event and were holding it at Manly Beach, Sydney.
I was of course nice enough to come along and help them set up and of course attend the event as a blogger.
This event was created to unite all bloggers, and was one of the first to ever be created starting off in Melbourne. It was an all beauty bloggers event, and the aim was for bloggers to become friends, and also for them to be educated from PRS and brand ambassadors face to face about their beauty products.

Like majority road trips, their were a few downs but mostly ups!
We had some troubles with our accommodation but I won't go to much into that.
Erin and Melissa did a fantastic job creating and organising this event. The event was at the beautiful location Daniel San, the dojo bar.
All of the guests were sitting facing the Manly beach, and had a beer garden to hang out at and enjoy the beautiful view.
I was extremely thankful to be apart of something like this, as it really was an amazing opportunity.

I encourage all Beauty Bloggers to follow Glamour Affair au on social media, and enquire about the next event. Without the support from brands and bloggers, these events also could successfully run. So make sure your showing your support and come attend the next Beauty Blogger Glamour Affair event.

DID I MENTION THE GOODIE BAGS. OMG! I am going to be a very busy girl going through all my products and reviewing them this week. My Blog will be flooded.

A special thanks to Erin and Melissa xxxxxxxx
Thank you for making my first time to Sydney a memorable one.
Our road trip and extremely looooong drive was made very funny with you two.
Not only is Erin my mazing sister, but I also feel like Melissa is an older sister too me as well.



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