Sunday, June 28, 2015

Skinny Me Tea; 8 DAY TEATOX

SKINNY MY TEA            

8 Day Teatox

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Im sure you've all heard of SkinnyMeTea.....
This brand has popped up everywhere on social media and has received an amazing response over the years.
These teas are suppose to work as a detox for your body, where your cleansing your system and getting rid of the nasties from your body. Now the only way I can explain this in simple terms is, that these teas pretty much work as laxatives!
Of course, all natural products are used, but together they work similar to a laxative. 
BE WARNED:  When doing a detox, please make sure you have a week off work or are able to make multiple trips to bathroom at your job. 
You will need to GO, with not much warning, and its not pretty....

I received the 8 day detox within my goody bag from Glamour Affair, so I'm sure all those who attended will be going on a cleanse sometime soon!
Im lucky enough to have a week from work as I'm transition into my new full time career. An what a better time to try this 8 day cleanse (lucky enough I'm at home!). 
So far I'm on my third day, and I am feeling good. 
The first day, the cleanse hit me quite hard and I was on the toilet all morning, BUT I am not complaining as I knew thats what was to expect from this detox. 
Of course this detox will effect everyone differently, but its expected to go to the toilet and cleanse out all of the nasties.

If you want to try SkinnyMeTea for the first time, then I would suggest trying this 8 day cleanse.. If you want to do even a bigger cleanse then I'd suggest the 14 day cleanse. 
An if you want to do it massive, and want an extreme cleanse (magnificent for the body), then I'd suggest having a look at the SMT transformation packs. 
Theirs 3 different transformation packs to chose from,
an majority include an exercise plan and an eating plan.

Heres a link to check out SMT's users transformations!!
Impressive I must say

I will let all of my lovely readers know how I'm going on my last day of the 8 day detox. So far I have had a good experience with tea and would defiantly do this again in the future. 
I suggest all of my readers have a look on the website (while they have 5% off orders), and try the SkinnyMeTea for yourself!

cleanse away ladies x


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