Saturday, June 20, 2015

Sugar lounge, Manly

Glamour affair girls loved Sugar lounge. 
A must visit! 
This weekend was the the weekend Erin, Melissa and myself drove up to Sydney for Glamour Affair. A bloggers event that was held at the most beautiful venue, Dan San bar- but I'll get into that more a little later. 
Throughout the extremely busy and stressful weekend we often wanted a nice and easy feed. Something that would lift us up and make us feel good. 
We found this bar/resturant (beach side) a few stores down from where we were staying- Novotel. Again; I will get into where we were staying on a seperate post, because I can't tell everyone enough how great the Novotels customer service and services were. 

So one morning we were on the look out for a breakfast destination that tickled our fancy. We came across the Sugar Lounge, which looked like Hawaii had come to manly and opened up a store. The atmosphere was beachy, laid back and everything hawain related, it was awesome! So this place had defiantly caught our eye and we could wait to see the menu. 
The menu delivers something for everyone, and I was quite amazed at the Breaky menu. I settled on the fruit bowl and a bagel. PERFECT. I've been raving on about this fruit salad for days now, hahaha. Mix of delicious fruits, with a side of yoghurt and honey, yum yum yum. 

Our customer service especially was fantastic, the staff were beautiful. I actually noticed one lady working all weekend, she always had a smile on her face. But I couldn't help but notice how much of a hard worker she was.
After having breakfast their, we made two other seperate trips; that's how great our experience was. 

 I highly recommend all too check this place out. Absolutely beautiful. 


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