Friday, April 10, 2015

Australian Fitness & Health Expo- TRADE DAY

I had the awesome opportunity to visit the Australian Fitness & Health Expo with a 3 day Media Pass. Today was the best time for me to visit, and it just happened to be the Trade day only. This meant only people who were in the fitness industry or people with media passes (like me) were allowed to visit on this day. I didn't mind because it meant it would be less busy, woo!

This Expo has been one of the expos I've been most excited about visiting. I heard the atmosphere is amazing, and theirs so many awesome products and well I heard right!!
As soon as we arrived at the expo I immediately was pumped and by the end of it I felt motivated as hell. Not only was good to get a little motivated, but was really good to meet new faces and find new brands, and well see some familiar faces. I was very excited to see a Derrimut Cafe stall and a few brands that I've blogged about before like Charlies Balls.
Little things like meeting the creator of Clean Treats (charlies balls) gets me really excited, I loved it.

Expos are great way to promote brands and products and thats exactly what I saw a lot of today. It was awesome that you could literally test everything. I think 90% of the stands let you either taste test, or test their product out. An this was great because you get to try before you buy, and at the end of the day you can put a taste to the product or you can say you've tried that new machine- whatever it may be. Its also a fantastic way to get exclusive sales, for expo guests only!
I remember seeing one stand that were selling their protein bars for a little more then 50% off the RRP, can't go wrong with that!

The next best thing about this expo was the entertainment and shows that they put on! I remember watching the Les Mills program and thinking wow, I really need to get my butt into gear. An thats apart of what this expo was about, it was about spreading that motivation and getting everyone inspired. Of course theirs the opportunity to meet some celebrities and get even more motivated but unfortunately I didnt get to today.

Remember that the expo is still running tomorrow & sunday. Tickets can be purchased online or as you arrive. Visiting this expo is so worth it, I had the best day today.
Can't wait to show everyone what was in my media bag, was packed full of awesome products!!! So keep updated as I'll be posting many reviews and sharing with you all whats hot right now.
xxxxxxxxx E.E.B


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