Thursday, April 9, 2015

Styling my new room!!

One of the biggest things I've been looking forward too with this move is styling my new room!
I have recently been a big fan of home decor inspiration. I love having a good old stalk on instagram and finding new account to inspire me. Honestly Instagram is a great way to become inspired and find plenty of fresh and trending ideas.

So I planned out my money situation and I only had quite a small budget for this whole restyling thing, so this meant I had to be smart about what and WHERE I was spending.
This meant for certain things I would go second hand and I would buy from cheaper stores.
The look i've been going for is very modern and fresh; White walls, white furniture and lots of green indoor plants. I love the idea of having a really bright room but also combining nature.
As I've said before in one of my posts, the way you decorate your room is so so so very important.
Your room is where most people spend majority of their time, its your environment! An well your environment has a very big impact on the way that you feel. Its extremely important to be happy with your environment and love your surroundings. For instance when you have a really messy, dirty room that can reflect on your behaviour and make you sort of in a lazy, uninterested mood.
So it was time to create a environment that I loved, something that reflected on me positively and made me feel bright, energetic and fresh.

So I started looking for my bed on gumtree and ebay, because having a second hand bed didn't bother me at all. The bed I was after was a bed from Ikea that was really simple but had four draws on the bottom for storage. LUCKILY, I found the exact bed on Gumtree for half price.
I got my but into gear, organised a way to pick it up and brought the bed!

I then had to think about the shape of the room and where everything was going to go. There was no need for any tall boys for my clothes as I have a massive wardrobe now, yay!
But I had to incorporate my study desk, my TV, and a place for all the lovely plants I was planning on purchasing.
Thanks too K-mart I had the most perfect piece of affordable furniture to place all of my green plants. This was the latter shelving in the below photo.

Also a massive mention to Typo for some awesome Decor. The fairy lights and a few of the small fake pot plants were from Typo. Typos great for me because I have my 50% discount, so I'm able to get heaps of awesome stuff cheap!
The other large plants were from Bunnings, and they're indoor plants which means they don't need sun and they're able to live in shady places with not much light!
Bunnings is awesome for indoor plants and really reasonable with prices.
This little area is on the left of my wardrobe and my bed will be facing this little area. Which I think is a fantastic idea, because I'll have all these beautiful plants to wake up too in the morning.

Here is where I got extremely creative!
I love looking out the window of a night time and looking out at the stars, and I also love waking up in the morning to the early morning sunlight. Call me crazy but thats just me, so I could honestly live without a blind.
So I thought i'd pimp out my window a little more my creating this amazing drift wood feature with the milk jars hanging off. SO I've literally just hung a piece of drift wood and then tied all of the milk jars so they hang off of the drift wood. The milk bottles are filled with fresh soil just from Bunnings, and then I've put some fake plants in them that were brought from The Reject Shop. This way with the fake plants, I won't have to change the plants over often because they obviously won't die.
So again a special mention too Typo, Bunnings and The reject shop for this one.

Still a lot of redecorating to do, but I'm happy with the way its going. Two weeks till I move so I don't have long to have this room all pimped out!
Please if you have any inspiration you'd like to share, email me!
I love hearing everyone elses ideas because theirs a big chance i'll love them.

Stay H a p p y, and redecorate so you l o v e your environment.


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