Thursday, April 9, 2015

Morning Glory River Resort

Morning Glory River Resort

The getaway I always look forward too each year, and all though I am writing this as I’m laying in the tent waiting for the rain too pass by I am still enjoying my peaceful getaway. I love waking up to the sound of nature, and falling asleep (occasionally passing out) after a few beverages (or many) by the fire. Camping is the type of getaway that you have with friends and family, its a time for bonding, sharing and getting back in touch with nature for me. I’ve been looking so forward to this getaway because I thought it would be the perfect opportunity to get back in touch with nature and sort of find myself again. Every now and then after life dramas and so much stress, I forget how to just breathe and relax, and in a way I lose myself. I forget too focus on ME and stay positive about everything. Negativity has become such a problem with me as of lately, and I am so unfair on myself and thats just not healthy for anyone! 

All though living in a tent with four females can sometimes test your limit and get a little bit feisty, its the type of company that I needed. I have built quite a bond with my friends family that I come up here with every year, and I can defiantly say that they are a second family. An I can’t forget the others that come up every year, they have also become like Uncles and Aunties and close friends. 
Camping isn’t for everyone but I assure you, it does wonders for your health and well being. People (younger generation in particular) have become so revolved around technology that they freak out when they don’t have access. Yes, I must agree that sometimes I feel a little uneasy when I can’t use my phone but deep down I know its GREAT that I’m not using it all the time. Social media is followed by drama and I am not a fan of drama at all. 

So as I listen to nature, watch the sunset, sit by the murray, cook on the bbq and socialise around the camp fire, I am feeling wonderful and don’t like the thought of going home. Morning Glory has become more than just a resort on the Murray for me, its become one of my little yearly getaways that I visit each year and I will NOT break that chain. 
Morning Glory caters for all; children, adults, families, couples and friends. With the choice of a beautiful cabin, powered sites or non powered sites, the murray is always at walking distance. A jetty and a few ways to access the murray for boats and such, and what we like to call the “beach”.  Sand that leads to the murray, the perfect place to take a few beverages and lay out in the sun. A games room, mini golf, salt water pool, a mini shop, many camp kitchens, toilets/showers, bike/walking tracks, tennis court and so much more to offer!!! 

All though I haven’t checked all of the pricing out, I know that the powered camp sites are only $19 a night for an adult. Sometimes having just a powered site and staying in tents can be better then a resort/hotel or some sort of luxurious hotel. Its the perfect way to spend time with people and make some great memories. Our 3 roo tent is massive, and its had enough room to fit 6 people and all of our bags (keep in mind where girls that forget where only staying a few nights not a whole month lol). 
Have I mentioned that Morning Glory also host different events and weddings! YES, Weddings... Some people love the idea of having their wedding by the river surrounded by nature. 

Take my word for it, and check out Morning Glorys website. I wouldn't have been going to this beautiful resort for 5 years in a row if it wasn't worth every minute of it. I have made so many spectacular memories at this place thats its truly become a second home too me. 


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