Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Christmas with DAISO


I was lucky enough to be invited to a wonderful event held by DAISO. 
With all things that interest me included; Christmas, Breakfast & Shopping!!! 
The 'Christmas with DAISO' event was held at the LARGEST store in Australia; Level 1, 276 Flinders street Melbourne, VIC 3000. 
The event was truly amazing, but before I rant about my lovely morning yesterday, I will tell you a little bit about DAISO. 

People who haven't visited DAISO will often ask;

Is that like the Japanese Reject Shop.....?
Are the products reliable?

DAISO is a Japanese retail store that sells ALL of their products for $2.80, nothing more, nothing less! Because DAISO is so so affordable that doesn't mean that their products are cheap! DAISO's products are reliable and have fantastic quality. I believe some of their products are just the same quality if not more then expensive brand named items. 
Daiso have thought of everything, they have almost everything you need in your every day life. They sells things in every category such as; 

  • Stationery 
  • Gardening & D.I.Y
  • Make up and Cosmetics 
  • Christmas stock 
  • Organisation 
  • Kitchen 
  • Homeware
  • Kids
  • Fragrance 
  • Japanese snacks 
  • Craft 
  • Frames

Seriously I could go on forever. You will not walk out of this store with nothing that tickles your fancy! An to be completely honest, I've visited so many of these stores but yesterday truly changed my perspective on the brand. 
I'm a person who is all about saving and budgeting, so sometimes it seems ridiculous to go out and spend a fortune a product, rather then spend literally $2.80 on something that does the same job! I know how much money I would much rather spend.
I highly recommend visiting a DAISO store. If you have children, take them!! 
I guarantee after seeing all of the quirky and cute cleaning products, they are going to want to clean your home, you can't complain about that??
An most importantly, DAISO has the most unexpected and wonderful Christmas gifts! 

The event was just so fantastic, being in this specific DAISO store made me want to travel to Japan! It's like once you enter the store, you've completely been taken to another place. Almost as if you are in Japan itself. 
Us lucky bloggers were spoilt at the DAISO store, our morning consisted of;

  • Getting our own personal anime portrait sketch! (They looked amazing)
  • A delicious breakfast including cute kawaii Japanese treats. (Had to go back for seconds... Who am I kidding it may have been fourths)
  • A personal tour of the largest DAISO store
  • A complimentary $50 voucher to spend in store

Let me just repeat... A $50 voucher to spend in store! That's 17 items at DAISO. So you can imagine all of us bloggers going crazy and having so much fun having a shopping spree in store. I will share with you all of the useful products I picked out! 

Everything from;
Christmas Decos
Stationery for my desk 

Japanese treats 

Kitchen ware
A new knife, which may I mention is BRILLIANT, so sharp

For bloggers who often attend events, its easy to tell if an event has been properly planned. Must I say, the DAISO event was such a special, unforgettable event. The organisers had truly thought of everything to make us bloggers have the most enjoyable time. A very special thanks too Undertow Media for the wonderful day, HealthyByte for the best breakfast I've had at an event & of course every other lovely person that made this event perfect. 
Thank you DAISO xxxx


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