Friday, December 19, 2014


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w. D.I.Y Christmas Packs

Today I finally made it to the shopping centre to get some shopping done. You'd think because I work at a shopping centre i'd always be checking out shops, but thats just not the case!
So today I got really excited and headed to my local shopping centre. Some people probably think I'm crazy because its around that time of the year where everyone seems to be at the shopping centre. 
But to be honest with you, I love the atmosphere of a busy shopping centre around Christmas time. 
All of the repeditive christmas songs, and everything christmas related... I love it!

So besides looking at clothes to buy for myself, I thought I'd get into the festivity a little more and buy some Christmas D.I.Y packs. I thought these would be a struggle to find, but I was proven wrong. I entered K-mart, Big W, Coles & Woolworth's and ALL stores had some sort of gingerbread or ornament D.I.Y packs. I think these DIY packs are just an awesome idea, they're so cheap and easy!
I found no pack over $10 and majority of the packs came with everything ready to go. So no need to make the icing up yourself, no baking, just assembling and decorating. 

I ended up purchasing;
- Gingerbread house kit (BIG W) $10
- Ornament Cookie Kit (WOOLWORTH) $5.50

Today I made the Gingerbread house, and I think i'll get to the cookie set tomorrow night. Even though I haven't done the Cookie Set I think it's a fantastic idea and everyone should get one for their kids (or even big kids). For $5.50 you get to decorate 12 cookies, and the cool thing is you get a little plastic pocket to put each cookie in and wrap it with red ribbon. Then you place them on your Christmas tree for all the kids to pick off on Christmas day. Its a cute little Christmas tree decoration and great for the kids to gobble up.

Now all though I like to think of myself as a very creative and artistic person, my gingerbread decorating skills seem to be extremely shocking! I've seen all these photos over social media of peoples awesome gingerbread houses and mine looked like it had been decorated by a 3 year old. 
But for me the looks of the gingerbread house weren't important..... it was just so god dam fun. 
I chucked on some Christmas carols and my friend and I started decorating this gingerbread house. We may have struggled but in the end we created this cute little gingerbread house and got to eat all of the left over icing, and who doesn't love left over icing. 
I really recommend everyone going out and getting some sort of D.I.Y Christmas pack. It's a fantastic idea for those with children or children in the family, they honestly will love it! 
Its cheap, easy, and of course Christmas related!! 

This is the Gingerbread house kit all laid out. 
(and yes thank god instructions are included)

If you're a bit of a dummy with instructions don't stress, I practically did the house without instructions, its so simple.
An of course, heres my finished product!!

Thank you Sarah for being a fantastic Gingerbread house model ;)
Great family fun, so go out and buy a kit guys! 
Also you may already know that Gingerbread lasts for ages. So the house can literally just sit on the bench for a few days while everyone picks at it! 
Keep updates on my little Christmas festivities guys 


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