Monday, March 16, 2015

CONAIR true glow

CONAIR- True Glow 5x Magnification Mirror

Just launched, the Conair True Glow 5x Magnification Mirror
RRP: 29.95, 1 year warranty

Ideal for applying make up and to help you with your regular beauty regime.
It comes with incandescent lighting, which give off a soft halo effect, creating a beautiful gentle glow; Ideal for applying make up and to help maintain a glowing complexion and soft skin. 
It also comes with:

  • Circular lighting for surround vision
  • A removable head for flexibility and ease of use 
  • An adjustable mirror head for the correct viewing height 
How can this mirror get better? Well in addition its a compact travel size- perfect for on the go and can stand alone, thanks to an easel back. 

A beauty bloggers must have! 

I've been searching for a small desk mirror for my beauty blogging for a while now. 
But they're actually usually quite pricey, and I am on a budget!
But I had the awesome opportunity to review Conairs brand new Mirror.
It really is the best mirror for on my desk, it allows me to see my face up close and personal as clear as day. It makes applying make up and especially plucking eye brows so easy. 
I usually find myself leaning over my bathroom sink really close to the mirror applying my make up. But now when applying make up and especially for when I'm reviewing products, I sit at my desk and use the Conair mirror. 
The lighting in my study isn't always perfect, so the light on this mirror is great! 
It gives off a soft halo effect creating a beautiful, gentle glow. 

Its also the best mirror to travel with. Its so easy to take apart, and its the perfect compact travel size. 
Then when I'm doing my make up somewhere else, its easy to just rebuild. 
Honestly, there's nothing worse then not having a mirror to apply your make up. 
I've actually been in the situation where I've had too apply my make up without a mirror believe it or not my make up turned out alright, BUT it was the biggest struggle and took triple the time. 
Mind you, I was camping and in a tent hahaha. But this year when I do my yearly Echuca trip, I can now use my CONAIR mirror when applying my make up :)
The best thing about this mirror is its so affordable. Compared to other mirrors, $29.95 is extremely cheap!

Have a look at me playing with my new mirror!


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