Tuesday, March 24, 2015

The BIG move

The BIG move...

A previous post of mine had talked about me making a big move... 
After weeks and weeks of thinking, I've finally decided to make the big move! This means moving an hour away from where I am now, leaving my boyfriend, friends, and living in a country town. 
Some people think its crazy, the massive sudden change. I mean moving to me isn't something small, its a huge thing. Changing your whole entire environment makes a huge impact on your life. 
But this move is for positive changes, focusing on myself and my wellbeing. I am so proud of myself for making this move and, for ME. 

Now currently living in the Western suburbs only half an hour from the city, I am now moving about 20 minutes out of Geelong to a country town called Inverleigh. Its such a big move because I've never lived in Geelong, and its going to mean learning the way around the huge city and surrounding suburbs. 

This move is a positive change because now I don't have too pay rent, which means I can work less hours and focus on my study! Study being my first priority at the moment, as I can not afford to fail. 
Downfalls of course is leaving my boyfriend. I mean an hour isn't that far away but it'll be a huge difference from just having him around the corner. But I know we will manage to work anything out, so I have a way more positive outlook on that situation. 

I've become so into home decor and interior designing over the past month, I have a million ideas running through my head. 
I'm thinking bright white walls, indoor plants (big and green), all white furniture and a hippie sort of feel and look. Its going to be greaaaaat! 
Ikea, typo, urban outfitters, bunnings, target and k-mart are going to be my best friends. 

Goodbye for now, but stay in touch as I will be writing about the outcome of the big move and showing you all my room make over at my new house.. yay!  


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