Tuesday, March 3, 2015

RIMMEL LONDON Velvet Matte Nail Polish

Velvet Matte 

Sumptuous Nail Colour with a Velvet Matte Finish
• Luxuriously opulent must-have shades of the season!
• Say BYE BYE high shine…and HELLO to REAL NAIL MATTITUDE!
• Drying to a velvety matte finish…simply matte-nificent!

Black nail polish is my thing, but then again so is matte nail polish... Put the two together and you have my favourite nail polish atm! 
Rimmel London have had some fantastic products as of lately so I was extremely excited to try their new Velvet Matte nail polish! 
The black is called "MATTE-ITUDE" 017, and Velvet Matte also comes in 4 more colours. 
But nothing else quite appealed to me more than the Matte-itude. Theirs nothing better then a black nail polish for a busy week full of events. Black literally goes with every outfit imaginable, its a life saver colour! 

So its quite obvious I was excited to try this nail polish out. But theirs a check list of things that I go through when trying a nail polish. This is the things I look out for; 

  • Brush- Is the brush thick or thin, is it easy to cover the nail?
  • Drying time- A nail polish that drys quick is a must.
  • Chip- Simple, does the nail polish chip almost straight away?
  • Coats- Is the nail polishes texture thick of really runny, how many coats do you have to apply?
When taking these things into consideration its really easy to decide whether or not a nail polish is good or not. Rimmel london always seem to tick the boxes. 

Velvet Matte Nail Polish' brush was perfect. Very thick so it covers most of your nail, and you're not having to spend heaps of time applying the nail polish. 
Drying time was probably the best factor. It dried before a minute, it was so quick. 
Chipping was probably the only thing that disappointed me slightly. I'm not sure if it was because I was very hands on at work, but after one day of having the nail polish on it had chipped quite a bit. But like I said that could just be my fault! 
As for Coats, I tend to always put 2 coats of nail polish on just to be sure. With matte nail polish its also important to make sure you have a thick coat on so its properly matte all over.
TIP: Have a look at acrylic rounded nails with Velvet Matte. My sister recently had this look and it looked amazing. She had three quarters of her nail done in Matte and then the tip (almost like a french tip) in a glossy black. Looked brilliant!!

My review on this product is extremely positive. I recommend purchasing the Velvet Matte polish by Rimmel London 100%. I love the matte look! Yes shiny is good, but matte seems to be the new fashion & you have to keep up with fashion of course... 
Velvet Matte can be purchased from stores such as; 
Big W, Coles, Priceline, My Chemist Warehouse. 

NOTE: Please excuse my dodgy nail polish home job. I am not quite a professional at applying, hahaha. I have my bad application days...


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