Saturday, March 7, 2015

Scentrelle- Reverse time face serum

Luxurious skincare derived from nature 

Reverse time face serum
Its always fun reviewing a product from a brand you've never tried before. 
Scentrelle is a completely new brand for me, and I was asked to review their "Reverse time face serum". 
I am not one to usually use face serums or night moisturises and thats probably why my face gets extremely dry sometimes. But I've made a promise to myself, to start looking after my face more! 
So here it goes, the start of looking after my face!


A natural face serum packed with natural feather light oils your skin will love. Fragrance Free heavy duty treatment to help restore your skins healthy balance.


100% natural, Scentrelle reverse time face serum is luxurious, lightweight and fast absorbing for smooth velvety skin. Formulated with hydrating anti-aging ingredients including; Tsubaki oil (Japanese Camellia), Maracuja Oil, Rosehip and Caffeine. These help to restore skin elasticity, firmness and provide a natural youthful glow.

I have used this face serum for a few consecutive days now, 
and I can already notice a huge difference. 
My face is feeling a lot smoother and a lot less dry, 
and I never want to put make up on!
Now this serum isn't just a night serum, but you can also apply it before you put your make up on in the morning. I have been using it twice a day- 
Once in the morning and once before bed. 
My face seem to glow all of the time now and I've even been complimented about it. 

How to Use:
-Apply one to two pumps in morning prior to makeup or at night for a luxurious overnight treatment.
- If you have oily skin type (Kapha) we recommend using at night only for a deep   treatment
-Blend with your primer or foundation for instantly visible radiance.
-Recommended for all skin types.
CAUTION: Do not use this product on or around the eye area

Im not entirely sure why I was always skeptical about using face serums and why I never had tried them earlier. But when picking a fantastic natural brand like Scentrelle, I've really noticed an extreme difference in my face. I would recommend this serum to anyone that wants to look after their face and maybe turn back some time... 
Check out Scentrelles website for more amazing products;

Heres a photo after using the serum for a couple of days! This is what I mean by a glow.... Only a little bit of make up being worn in this photo and no filter or edit used at all.

Look after your face & love your face xo


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