Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Jabra Sport Pulse- First thoughts


 The all-in-one solution geared towards improving your performance. 

Best of the best. 
These ear phones have blown me away.
I will let you in on a big secret;
I thought Beats by Dre were the best things ever! 
After I reviewed them I could't stop raving on about them..
But I could almost say Jabra Sport Pulse ear phones are.. BETTER. 
Yep I said it. 

Because are Beats by Dre wireless? 
Do they have in-ear heart rate monitor?
Do they track your workout?
Count your calories?
Do they have a personal app which gives you fitness tests?
My questions are endless and the answer is no.. 
Jabra Sport Pulse does all of the above and more, 
they are truly the best of the best technology. 

So I received my amazing headphones yesterday, and due to having to rush off to work I only got to play with them for about half an hour. This allowed me to set the device up and test them for a little while.
Firstly I had to pair the wireless ear phones to my mobile device (iPhone), 
which took less than a minute. I then downloaded the Jabra app, and Sport app which allow 
you to do all sorts of things with your wireless head phones. 

But before testing out all of the amazing things my ear phones could do I just wanted to simply hear the sound out of them. 
The sound that the Jabra ear phones have are just... amazing. 
They have the best Dolby Digital sounds, the world around me was completely shut off and I couldn't hear a thing! 
An thats exactly what you want when you're having a huge workout and you just want to focus on yourself and your goals. 
For now, I've just tested these ear phones, but please look out for plenty more posts/reviews on the Jabra Sport Pulse. 
I will be trying these properly on my upcoming workouts, and I can't wait to share my thoughts with you! 

1. How to wear 
The earphones must be correctly fitted to enable accurate heart rate detection. If your heart rate cannot be detected, try a different esrgel size or earning. View the Fitting guide on the Jabra Sport life app. 
Select the correct eargel size
For the optimal audio experience, try each of the different ear gel sizes. The fit should feel tight and secure in your ear. Sizes are; Large, Medium, Small and extra small. 
(Same goes with selecting the correct earwig)

2. How to connect
1. Turn on Bluetooth on your mobile phone.
2. Press and hold the Multi Function button on the controller until the indicator light on the right ear bud flashes blue. Release the button.
3. Follow the voice guided connection instructions to connect to your bluetooth device. 

Pull back the EarWing on the right earphone to expose the USB charging port. It takes approx 2.5 hours to fully charge the battery.

Check Jabras website for more information;


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