Monday, March 2, 2015

Klika- Ceramic Knife Set

I love having the opportunity to review products from websites I've never heard about! The unheard websites, turn out to be the best ones.
When I was asked to have a look on the Klika website and see if anything appealed to me, I was like a little kid in a candy store. 
Klika have everything! 
Their main categories are;
  • Living 
  • Fitness 
  • Trade 
  • Outdoor 
  • Music
Klika delivers world wide and delivers very quickly I must say! 

Firstly I reviewed the Ceramic Knife set in White.


  • 6 inch ceramic knife
  • 5 inch ceramic knife
  • 4 inch ceramic knife
  • 3 inch ceramic knife
  • Ceramic peeler
  • Knife Holder
  • RRP. $32.95
  • Ceramic knives are renowned for their sharpness and durability. With a unique non-porous blade manufactured from zirconium oxide - a material tougher than hardened steel - the ceramic blade knife remains sharper, holding its edge much longer than steel. Ceramic knives resist stains and cannot rust, remaining easy to clean, bacteria free, and are non-magnetic.These stylish knives feature an ergonomic handle, excellent balance and light weight. This set is complemented by a ceramic peeler, and an elegant acrylic knife block for storage and easy access.

  • I love cooking and preparing food, so the knife set was a must pick! 
Surprisingly, I have never ever used ceramic knives, so I was quite excited to try.
That night I was cooking a chicken pasta dish, and the chicken hadn't fully defrosted. 
So this was a perfect opportunity to see if the ceramic knives were good or not. 
An well... They weren't good, they were great! 
The blade was so sharp and the actual knifes themselves are really light. 
I loved using them, they were absolutely fantastic. 
An to be honest with you, I haven't STOPPED using them since. 
My old knifes have found their permanent home in the bottom draw, never to be seen again. 

My favourite thing about these knifes, is they look so stylish in my kitchen. 
Unlike normal knifes, they seriously look a lot more modern & appealing. 

How pretty are they! 
As soon as I unpackaged them I had to give them a test trial. 
So I got some onion out and had to see if this blade was as good as described on the website- and it was. 
I really think I'll stay with ceramic knifes forever now.
They're quality is so much better and the fact that they don't rust is fantastic. 
An how can you go wrong with just $32.95 for a 6 pc set. 

Check Out Klika for a massive savings on great products, you won't be dissaponted. 
Keep an eye out for my two upcoming reviews on products from Klika. 
10/10 for Klika!


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