Thursday, November 6, 2014



If you are following my posts you would have noticed that I have recently created a post about the cotton on foundation. Today's post will be touching base on the same thing I wrote about last time... BUT I also have a very exciting story to share. This week whilst working the cotton in foundations directing manager visited me at work with a very special guest. The guest was Fr Nestus Mugisha - Mannya parish Preist and community leader for Mannya village. A man who has been helped by the cotton on foundation in mannya personally came into the store to greet me! It was such an amazing memorable moment I will never forget. This man was lovely and had so many great things to say about the foundation. 

It was in that moment that I realised once again how special the foundation truly is. An how badly I wanted to help somehow. 

An you can easily help too! The cotton on staff don't ask if you'd like to purchase a bracelet or water for no reason... 100% of the proceeds go towards the foundation and helping people in Uganda! From something as small as $1 or $2 can honestly make a huge difference. An you walk away with something for yourself as well as feeling wonderful helping others.  


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