Friday, November 14, 2014

Taste of melbourne

Warning: Your taste buds may tingle 

13/11/14, a warm beautiful night at Taste of Melbourne held at Albert Park. 
A wonderful social night out, to have a couple of drinks in the good weather and well.... Stuff your face with Melbournes best food. 
You know those moods you get in where you can't decide what your hungry for? You just want too eat multiple different things? Oh well what a perfect event! Small portions of Melbournes best restaurants, food vans and food companies meals. Everything from gourmet, street food, desert, Mediterranean, Caribbean, endless chocolate and oh so much more! 
It was a great night for food companies and restaurants to promote them selves with-
Free taste tests 
Cooking classes even!  

Everything about the night said social, summer & eat! 
There were so many great places to just hang out and chill including bean bag bars, table tennis, VIP bars, the smooth fm garden and so many more. But the best part about the night was literally trying all sorts of different food, that's what it was all about. A taste tester every 5 steps! 
My sister and I even managed to fit in a cooking class, where we made chilli prawns and custard for our donuts. It was great to eat something that we were proud to have made. 
Not only was the event a great social night, but it let us discover local brands we hadn't heard of before. It let us purchase products that interested us and it also inspired! It inspired me too cook meals I usually wouldn't and to include more fresh local produce. A wonderful night and I highly Reccomend buying tickets for this weekend. 
PS. If you are considering going to this event, my advice is don't eat big all day! Save it 😛
Check out some photos from the amazing night 


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